Long Distance Relationship Hacks for Valentine's Day

Most people have an aversion to long distance relationships; they fear that such things don’t work out in the long run, and that the hundreds (or thousands!) of miles separating them physically with their loved ones is too much to bear.

Yet with the advent of innovative technologies and solutions, we need to let go of these negative preconceptions about long distance relationships. In an era where you can not only video-call the love of your life but also send flowers and chocolate right to their doorstep without the unnecessary fuss, there is no reason to fear the distance that separates you with your partner.

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, here are a couple of ideas to topple the physical divide and celebrate this special day as if you’re just sitting together, even if you’re both half a world away:

1. Plan the most memorable video chat date

With Internet speed getting faster each and every day, video chats have become the default weapon in every long-distance couple’s arsenal. Gone are the days of dial-up connections (a time when your parents or siblings would go berserk if you connect to the web as the phone lines get wrangled). Now, the thousands of miles have all but eroded with a tap on your smartphone.

However, your significant other deserves more than a simple video call on Valentine’s Day. Make it extra special by turning the call into a visual tour – go to places you usually frequent together back in the days, or places that spark joy and good memories. You can even plan it together and have a sit-down dinner together – in different places or even countries. Your acting prowess can be tested by making your significant other believe that you’re really eating with them, despite being oceans apart. Apart from having a dinner date, you can also watch a film together, then talk about it over video call after.

2. Go old-school and write a love letter

You can also opt to write a sweet love letter to your significant other – written in special, fragrant stationery, with near-perfect hand writing. You can arrange to have this delivered together with a special flower bouquet. There is a tried and tested flower shop in Davao City,, that can arrange for your letter to be inserted among the freshest long-stemmed red roses and have all these delivered to your loved one on Valentine’s Day!

3. Send a huggable proxy

Want to send gifts to the Philippines on Valentine’s Day for the love of your life? Why not send something that can serve as a huggable proxy? We’re talking about teddy bears here! These stuffed toys – that range from 2 feet to 4 feet long – will not only bring a smile to your significant other but also serve as a proxy huggable!, an online flower delivery in Davao, has these types of teddy bears in stock!

4. The way to your lover’s heart is through their stomach

Remember that memorable adage? How can you make that happen? Have a special cake delivered on Valentine’s Day, that’s one way to do it. You can have the cake personalized by having dedications written on it. Pro-tip: don’t just go for the basic dedications. Think of a word or phrase that is special and memorable for you both and have that written on the cake!

5. Share a toast

Mark this Valentine’s Day as a literal “V-Day” (Victory Day), to celebrate the fact that even if you both are thousands of miles apart, you remain to be together, and that the relationship is stronger than ever! Make sure that you have that special bottle of chardonnay or any other special wine for your significant other to toast to on that special day. Did you know that you can have that delivered too? Head to and order one now!

6. Have a weeklong (or even month-long) celebration

You know what’s the best idea there is to celebrate Heart’s Day? It’s to have Cupid work not only on February 14 but for a whole week – or even a full month if you want to! How? You can do it like we do secret Santas during the Christmas season – have something sweet or romantic delivered to your loved one’s door each day for a week leading to Valentine’s Day, with each gift making him or her remember romantic moments you spent together. Because who said you can only treat your significant other on red-letter days? With efficient online services offered by the likes of, you can have trinkets, big and small, delivered to your significant other at any day of the year!

To wrap it all up, the real thing you shouldn’t forget is to plan for all these. Remember that a memorable celebration shouldn’t be done on the last minute (it’s possible but let’s try avoiding that). Have a blast this Valentine’s Day!


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