"My Wine Collection and My Children"

Wine is one of those wonderfully complex creations that everyone, from the average soccer mom of five to a multi-millionaire, can enjoy and revel in. The complexity of the flavors, subtle notes, and scents are ultimately what drive wine connoisseurs to the classic drink. It doesn't hurt that drinking wine of a finer variety is considered a mark of wealth and good social standing.

Collecting and basking in the glory of fine wines is a hobby of such complexity that one can easily spend more time on it than they do their own offspring. Personally, I believe that I've spent more time finding room for my vast collection of wines than I have spent searching for a college that's suitable for my child to attend.

I eventually found a storage system worthy of my extensive collection. After neglecting my parental duties for far longer than any right-minded individual would have, I stumbled upon Belmont Storage for my wine.

However, there are many other tasks in the realm of being a wine enthusiast for me to focus on. I often find myself at the dinner table with my family. My beautiful wife and my two children often sit in the adjacent seats and talk about work or school. During their rambling, I most frequently find my nose drifting off to the top of my second glass of wine. "Daddy, I got an A+ today in math!", my son might try to shout at me repeatedly. However, only the fruity scents escaping the wide brim of my glass fill my mind.

My thoughts waver from my chattering children to the deep red or sometimes translucent yellow in my glass. My interests in the collection and consumption of wines frequently flood my mind. Sometimes, I'll think of the seasons to come and which seasonal wine is most appropriate for them. Maybe a deeply colored and boldly flavored red wine will be my choice for the upcoming winter. Maybe a smooth and mellow white wine will cross my lips during the summer time. These are the thoughts that enter my wine-obsessed mind.

I'm often interrupted when trying to partake in my class-filled hobby. It's not often that I can sort my large assortment of fermented fruit drinks without the clapping steps of my happy children skipping down to the wine cellar in an attempt to gain my attention. Without being resentful to my children, I try to find as much time to focus on my collection as possible. My wife insists that I spend quality bonding time with them, but I try to find the rare moments throughout my day when I can simply be left alone with my collection. As my children go off to school or take to their rooms to study, I'll scurry away to my cellar and admire each individual bottle of fermented goodness. My hand will gently caress each label. I'll inspect each cork for cracks or other signs of infidelity and, on occasion, I will listen to the elegant pop of the cork as I settle down into my comfortable lounger and proceed to pour myself a hefty glass.

I don't claim to value my collection of fine wines more than I do my own family, but on my list of priorities it most definitely comes in at a close second. There's just something about holding such a venerable vintage in my hand that practically screams class and stature. Wine comes in such a vast array of flavor profiles and types that one can spend a lifetime collecting wines and never truly taste all that they have to offer.

Wine often takes a precedent over my normal responsibilities as a parent and without the loving guidance of my wife, I'd probably spend a minimal amount of time with the children that I love so dearly. Sometimes, when I consider taking my children out to a family-oriented restaurant, I'll instead find a place known for their wine and hire a babysitter so I can treat my wife and my taste buds to a fine dining experience.

Wine has become my most time-consuming hobby. Collecting the different vintages and flavors is such a diverse and complex task that I will probably spend the rest of my life doing so. I don't do it to escape from my parental duties or to escape the normal world. I do it because it brings me enjoyment.

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