Gifts for Someone Who Has It All

There are some people who have everything. Sometimes its because they literally do have everything they could ever want – looks, friends, a lucrative and rewarding job, travels, the car…you know the drill. Then some people would say they have it all because they’re happy with what they have, however much or however little it is.

This is all well and good for these lucky people, but what do you do at birthdays and Christmas when you face the impossible task of finding a great gift for them? It can be done, but you may have to think outside of the box and maybe buy them something that’s intangible.

Try a creative writing course

If the special someone in your life has a creative side then it might enjoy a bit of a workout via a creative writing course or group. You should be able to find one in your local area and if you keep an eye out you might be able to find one that’s run by a moderately famous professional writer!

Present them with some precious metals

For something that’s definitely tangible, you could buy some silver bars from Golden Eagle Coin for your already-blessed friend. Of course, silver or any other precious metal looks beautiful, but it also has genuine value and represents a good investment as well as offering an impressive reveal!

A trip to Iceland

Travelling to Iceland gives people the chance to stand on land that may well be younger than them thanks to its wealth of volcanoes. Even if they’re not quite brave enough to leave Reykjavik, they’ll still find loads to do, see, taste and smell (the Blue Lagoon is notorious for its sulphurous odor) in this amazing city. 

Buy them a goat

Of course, you could actually buy a goat, like an actual goat – for the garden (actually, you’d need to buy two or more because they’re very social creatures). However, your friend might prefer the type of goat that sends them email updates as it helps a community in a developing country find its feet. 

There are many goat and cow sponsorship schemes out there, so find one that helps a community in a country that’s close to the person’s heart and make everyone happy.

An underwater smartphone case

If your friend is surgically-attached to their smartphone then you can help them to cement their relationship even further by giving them an inflatable, waterproof (up to five feet) and transparent case. These cases fit most smartphones and allow people to go swimming, boating or even lazing in a hot tub without risking the life of their favorite gadget.

A pair of customised ski boots

The ski equipment giant Fisher can use magic (well, 3D scanning and vacuum trickery) to create a ski boot that’s totally moulded to the owner’s foot. This makes for improved performance and comfort on the slopes, as well as an après ski that doesn’t involve blackened toenails.  

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