Top Tips To Care For Your Jewelry

All jewelries need an occasional cleaning. If you have a jewelry collection never wait until you already notice your precious stones getting smeared and dirty. Jewelries need attention and care to keep them shining brightly through the test of time. No amount of jewelry insurance will ever replace the attachment your gems give you.

So here are some quick DIY cleaning tips to easily keep your collection safe and sparkling:

Store Them Separately

Store each of your precious gems separately since each gemstone varies in hardness which can easily scratch each other when stored all together. Keep them in separate cushioned compartments and remove any fastenings so that they don’t latch or get tangled. Jewelries should be kept away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Try to keep all the original packaging since they are the best protection of your jewels from dust and tarnish. Wrap precious items made from diamonds, gold and silver in pure cotton to keep them away from moist and dust. When storing pearls, be extra careful because they are soft and can easily get scratched and damaged.

Wear Them Cautiously

When dressing up, always put jewelries last to avoid your clothes from latching and damaging them. If you need to put basic personal makeups and sprays, apply them first before putting any jewelry on so that they will not be contaminated. Make sure everything dries up before putting on your jewelries. When you need your hair fixed, remove earrings so they will not be caught by hairbrushes or combs. If you plan to color your hair, remove earrings and necklaces made of pearl because the chemicals will cause them to lose their color. Always remember to remove jewelries before doing household chores since it can easily get damaged by cleaning equipment. Diamonds can be chipped if hit with a hard blow.

Clean Them Gently

Regularly clean your jewelry collection to remove any dirt or moist in them but remember to do it gently. The common rule to cleaning jewelry is to stay away from abrasive materials and resort to soap, water and a soft toothbrush if you do not have an idea how fragile your jewelry is. Be cautious not to over-handle your collection. When cleaning silver jewelry, use dip type cleaners which needs to be washed off and completely dried after. Gold and platinum jewelries can be cleaned by using a specialized cleaner. Seek the advice of expert jewelers for specific cleaners.

Stay Away From Contaminants

Experts advise owners to keep their jewelry collections away from exposure to water and other chemicals to prevent them from tarnishing and losing their color. Hold your jewelries as seldom as possible to keep away the oils from your body from damaging and fading them. If your jewels are accidently drenched in water or any chemicals, use a dry towel and gently pat them to dry off the wetness. Most home cleaners and chemicals found in makeup, perfume and hair products can damage jewelries.

Seek Help From Experts

If you are uncertain about cleaning your jewelries, go to a professional jeweler and ask for advice rather than risking the shine of your collection. Some jewelries are very delicate and sensitive that it needs the touch of a professional. Experts say that all jewelries need to be inspected and cleaned by professionals at least once per year. All the dirt and scratches accrued through wearing them every day and aging can be eliminated to return the former shine of your collection.

Follow these simple cleaning tips for your jewelry collection to keep them shining brightly every time you use them. Following these tips will guarantee your jewelries’ safety so that you can fully take advantage of the money you have invested in them.

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