How to Prevent Trespassing

Mention to anyone that you’ve taken even one day of law classes at the university and you’ll instantly be met with legal queries and loophole facts. It comes with the territory. One of the most common questions is over trespassers in relation to the rights of homeowners (usually in the scenario of a physical confrontation). The answer is that not only does the law differ from country to country, but in the US where gun ownership is more prominent the law differs from state to state. The best solution? Keep the trespassers out, to begin with. 

Here’s how.

Warning Signs

Properties adorned with new warning signs create an impression that there will probably be an easier target elsewhere. The best type of sign, in my opinion, is a CCTV sign that acts as a very visual warning that hidden cameras are watching your every move. Visit mysecuritysign and begin to get an idea of the eye-level starkly colored warning signs that are available. 

Doorbell Camera

Cameras in your porch or doorway area that link directly to your smartphone have recently entered the retail market. Hook them up to an entry point to your home and you will instantly be alerted following any activity. The two-way intercom settings allow you to speak directly with the intruder (or postman!), giving you the opportunity to alert any unwanted visitors to the fact that they have been spotted. Don’t worry, the camera feed doesn’t work both ways - you can see them, but they can’t see you.

Home Alarm System

If your home doesn’t have an alarm system, take the time to check out options that connect directly to a staffed security center. Aside from the off-putting loud alarm that will be triggered if trespassers attempt to break and enter, the security staff will take swift action, too. Typically, you would receive a call to check if you are aware of any suspicious activity at your home before the decision is taken to involve the police. 

Anti-Climb Paint

Anti-climb paint is a widely available and relatively inexpensive visual deterrent against trespassers. The thick oily coating does not dry and remains slippery, preventing burglars from gaining a sturdy foothold on piping, walls, and even trees. The paint itself stays on the skin and is difficult to remove even after many washes - clothes that have been touched by anti-climb paint are ruined. This kind of deterrent is enough food for thought to discourage trespassers from attempting to gain access to your property. 

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