8 Activities Expectant Mothers Can Do

Pregnancy is a waiting game, and although you’re really happy you’re expecting, it can be both stressful and boring. Carrying a growing person inside you can be a little restricting when it comes to doing activities, but that doesn’t mean you have to be idle. There are activities you can do while having a bun in the oven. Additionally, there are activities that you can only do when you’re pregnant.

Everyone who has been through it knows that, once the child comes, it will be sleepless nights and having an infant attached at the hip. This is a perfect time to enjoy fun stuff before the baby arrives. You could also use this time to bond with your partner before the baby is here.

Here are some activities that expectant mothers can do.

Do Gentle Exercises

Who says pregnant women can’t exercise? They can, and it’s actually recommended by doctors. The key here is to do gentle exercises like yoga, running, or swimming. Going for nature walks is okay too.

There are exercises that are specially designed for pregnant women. In fact in pregnancy yoga, there are poses that are suited for pregnant women to help strengthen certain muscles that will help ease childbirth. The breathing exercises will also help with pain management during labor and when it’s time to push.

An early-morning run is always beneficial for everybody, especially pregnant women. However, you need to consult with your health-care provider to see if this kind of exercise is allowed for your condition. Always remember to wear proper footwear and regularly drink water when doing exercises.

Move Your Body with Dance

Dancing is a great form of exercise, but it can be entertaining too. Pregnant dance classes have been popular over the recent years, so check your city if there are any available near you. If you can’t find specific classes for it, you can stream or find a DVD of it and dance your heart out at home.

Have a Baby Shower

It is a good idea to throw the shower in the last trimester of your pregnancy so it’s neither too early nor too late. Typically by then, you’d know the gender of your baby, and a shower is the most opportune time to surprise everyone with it. Before you throw a baby shower, you must first pick an exciting theme, such as these cute baby boy shower themes if you’re expecting a male one.

Having a baby can be kind of scary, so it is a good time to have the support and love from family and friends. A baby shower is typically organized by a relative or close friend, but times have changed. If you like party-planning or if everyone else is busy, you can actually throw it yourself. It’s a great use of your maternity leave and a good way to occupy your time.

There are many themes and motifs out there, so it is best to single out the one you like best. To make your baby shower more cohesive, make sure to match the decorations, favors, and even cake. A popular way to go about this is to pick a color and even a complementary one and apply it to everything. If you have a lot of relatives and friends but can only invite a few, prepare invitation cards, and have your guests RSVP so you will know how many to expect.

Read for Fun

To prepare for the baby, you’ve probably read all the baby books you’ve been given or bought. If you’re an avid bookworm, you can use this time to catch up on all the books you enjoy reading. It is a good way to spend your time and make your mind active even if your body cannot.

Maternity Shopping Spree

This is one of those activities that you can only do when you’re expecting. Besides, who says no to a shopping spree? Your body is changing, so you’ll need new maternity-appropriate clothes for yourself. Comfortable clothing is a must during pregnancy because, as your body grows to accommodate changes, you should be free to move around.

You will also need stuff for your baby. In addition to both of your clothing, you’ll also be needing other items like bottles, diapers, milk formula, bedding, and even toys. You don’t have to shop for everything at once as it can be expensive.

Bond with Your Partner

It is important to take the time to communicate and bond with your partner especially during the course of your pregnancy. You will need all the emotional and physical support you can get. they are great to be around when hormones are high. Plus, the cuddling is relaxing too.

Spa and Massage

Get relaxed and pampered by treating yourself to a day at the spa. It can be safe for your baby as long as you stay away from treatments that use harsh chemicals, like dyeing your hair, manicure, and even pedicure. It’s also a no-no to go to the sauna when pregnant because it may raise your body temperature.

There are spas that offer facials and body treatments that are all-natural, so go for those. When getting a massage, you should get a trained therapist for prenatal massage because there are certain pressure points that should be avoided when pregnant. If you have spas that have treatments for pregnant women, definitely go for those. 

Get Creative

If you’re looking for ways to pass time, then get creative. If you’re good at painting but haven’t been able to hold a brush and easel for a long time, then it is great time to do so.

If you’re good at writing or journaling, you can chronicle your everyday life, happenings, and events in a journal. If you’re great at arts and crafts, you can go online and see what you can do with materials you already have around the house.

Always Consult Your Health-Care Provider

Not everyone has the same kind of pregnancy; there are some who are healthy and normal, and there are some who come with risks. The best way to know what kind of term you have is to always be in touch with your health-care provider. Always ask or consult before starting any activity especially for things that require you to move.

What were your favorite things to do when you were pregnant? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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