Saturday, June 30

5 Ways Personal Loans Can Be Used

Personal loans are a great way to help you when your finances need a boost. Life can be expensive sometimes, so getting a personal loan could be just what you need to get back on your financial track. Finding a lender that you can trust takes research, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your lender will get you the best possible rate based on your credit history and set up an easy repayment plan. 


There are many ways to use your personal loan once you get it, but here are five ways to get you started: 

Debt Repayment 

What if you could pay off all your credit cards at once instead of trying to remember due dates? Paying off credit cards or other debts with a personal loan has many benefits such as wiping out high finance rates, raising your credit score, and making it easy on yourself by paying a single monthly payment on your personal loan. It’s a great way to simplify your finances and regain control of your budget. You can use the cash to pay off personal loans from friends, family, utility companies, collections accounts, and anyone else that you might owe money to. 

Home Improvements 

It all seems to happen at once, right? The washer dies, you need a new roof, and the driveway needs repaving. Your home is your biggest asset and you owe it to yourself to keep it in tip-top shape. Even if your house is in good condition, it could be time to put in a second bathroom or maybe that swimming pool you’ve been talking about. A personal loan can make your dream a reality


Getting a higher education is one of the best reasons for taking out a personal loan. If you’re going to a public university, you know that the federal loan limits can be maxed out quickly. Here’s where a lender can help with a loan to help you complete your degree. Many private institutions don’t accept federally funded loans, so a personal loan can help provide the financial assistance that you’ll need to get a great education. 

Special Events 

Your life should be full of adventures and unforgettable moments. There are once in a lifetime events like weddings, 50th anniversaries, special birthdays, and religious events that you will want to celebrate in style. Don’t forget about personal goals like a trip around the world or climbing Mount Everest. You can make it happen with a personal loan. 

Everything Else 

If you’ve ever had an unexpected medical event, lost a job, or got thrown one of life’s curve balls, you know that it can be hard to get back on your feet. You can use your personal loan to cover a variety of expenses like getting a new car (or refurbishing a classic), donating money to your favorite non-profit, or medical expenses that your insurance won’t cover like plastic surgery. Find a trusted lending institution today to take care of all your financial needs.

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Friday, June 22

Rex Bookstore: Empowering Holistic Learning

Whenever a discovery or breakthrough in technology or process creates an impact on how we go about our daily lives, we often hear people say the phrase -- "a new era has arrived." This could be the simplest description to explain an Industrial Revolution - the emergence of an innovation that introduces a new way of living. 

Marking of Four Industrial Revolutions 

There have been four industrial revolutions that created an impact on economies, lifestyles and social landscapes.

The First Industrial Revolution was marked by the discovery of steam and water which led to the construction of machines replacing manual labor by humans and animals. The Second Industrial Revolution is where electricity and internal combustion emerged, a breakthrough that led to the development of convenient modes of transportation like cars and airplanes. It also made possible communication via radio and telephone and opened the gates for mass production in manufacturing. 

Electronics, the internet, and information technology helped improved speed and productivity which marked the Third Industrial Revolution. It is referred to as the early onset of the digital revolution as we shift from analog and electronic to digital technologies. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has built on this innovation and brought in a disruption that blurred the lines between physical, biological and industrial. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, robotics, 3D printing are just some of the words passed around today as part of the daily convo. While entering a fully automated world creates a myriad of opportunities packed with great excitement, it also poses a more significant challenge for us all to face. 

New Trends, New Opportunities, New Challenges 

Connectivity vs. Privacy 

Connectivity and collaboration have now defied space, beyond physical relationships. Communities may be formed virtually, and data gathered without answering paper-printed surveys. Some would question when are we crossing the line of privacy? When does connectivity through technology invade rather than benefit parties involved in virtual relations?

Machines vs. Humans 

The never-ending debate as to whether machines would replace humans is a hot topic since the third industrial revolution and was further intensified with the discoveries of the fourth revolution. With intelligent systems and robots bringing accuracy, precision and high productivity rate in different businesses, the question is would humans be outdated soon? 

New Skill Sets vs. Traditional Value Systems

Current landscapes demand more than hard work and perseverance to win a job. While positive attitude and basic ethics can get you hired, sustaining a career involves specific skill sets, one that may go beyond the usual comfort zones of tradition. While some jobs may be extinct, new career opportunities would also open for professionals to enter. The question is, are we ready? 

Learning To Embrace The Change 

It is without a doubt that education is the cornerstone that prepares communities to face the changes brought about by era shifts. Instead of competing against the inevitable, education systems should be equipped with the tools and assets to enhance the human potential to work and compliment technological changes instead of fighting against it. REX Book Store has acknowledged this fact. Being one of the pillars of education in the Philippines since the 1950s, the company has already conquered several eras of disruption. REX is familiar with the drill of innovating to evolve and give better support in grooming learners so they can take advantage of the opportunities that the fourth industrial revolution offers. 

Today, learning goes beyond the four corners of the classroom. REX, through continuous enhancement of its symphony of learning solutions, made it its mission to empower families, communities and partner industries to provide a solid foundation for learners. Assessment tools are enhanced as the company seeks to prepare students to face the future. Through working with its stakeholders to build the "classroom of the future", REX aims to ensure that every Filipino learner is healthy, safe, supported, engaged, and challenged.

How about you, how do you envision the classroom of the future? Join the conversation. Know more about the fourth industrial revolution and let us know how you can contribute to the empowerment of learners by visiting

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Sunday, June 3

Do You Want To Know The “13 Reasons Why”?

I never thought that "13 Reasons Why" would have an impact on me. I feel for all the characters in this intriguing TV series from Netflix. When I started watching Season 1, I got attached to Hannah Baker who is the protagonist of the show. The first season revolved around the 13 tapes she made before killing herself. All these tapes contained her secrets and confessions, basically her side of the story. She narrated how difficult her life was and revealed the persons who made her decided to commit suicide. 

In the second season, things remained the same because obviously Hannah Baker is still dead. However, this time, the plot revolved around the individual stories of the people mentioned on the tapes. These students from Liberty High (well, most of them) shared their own stories in relation to Hannah Baker's tapes. 

Well, we all know that 13 Reasons Why is a product of an imaginative mind. Everything is pure fiction. But we also know that every episode contains several lessons that we need to remind ourselves on a regular basis. In my case, allow me to share what I learned from the first two seasons of "13 Reasons Why".

Suicide is a serious issue that needs attention.

It is time to start talking about mental health concerns. The sad reality in the modern world is that we still consider suicide as a taboo. Whenever someone opens up about killing himself, the natural reaction of many people is to criticise that person, to laugh at him or to shrug it away. This is why I’m glad that "13 Reasons Why" made suicide as a significant part of the show’s plot. The TV series is a great reminder that we must learn how to discuss suicide as well as the ways on how to prevent them. We have to remember that some people has tendencies to end their lives, especially when they are hurting too much.

Communication is everything. 

The first season of the show highlighted how Hannah Baker’s life fell apart and how she kept everything to herself. She may have expressed her emotions through poetry, but her friends, classmates, and even parents, failed to take the hint. No one knew that she wanted everything to stop by killing herself. After watching the two seasons, it made me realize that engaging in effective communication with others is important. We must learn not only how to express our feelings but also how to listen to others, most especially when they need it the most. Come to think of this: If only Hannah Baker had open up to Clay Jensen or her parents, things would have been different.

Bullying comes in many forms, and anyone can be a victim of it. 

Another significant part of the show is the issue on bullying. "13 Reasons Why" showed the viewers that there are many kinds of bullying and these hurtful acts can take place anywhere. The TV series also presented how bullying can affect the victim. It made me wonder what a bully can get from making another person's life miserable. Does it make him happy? Is it what he needs to feel satisfaction and contentment? Is he doing it to cover up a hurtful past or traumatic experience? I wish that bullies would stop antagonizing their victims. On the other hand, I wish that the bullied persons could get the help they need as soon as possible.

High school teachers and administrators must give more attention to the welfare of their students. 

At this point, it is essential to emphasize that adolescent age is the time when teenagers discover who they are and who they want to become. High school is where their dreams are made and where their aspirations are also lost. Anything can happen in high school and each one has certain consequences. Some of these can affect the future of the students. For this reason, the teachers and school administrators are expected to look out for the teens. They have to offer help, guidance and support to help the teenage students stay at the right path. 

Victim-shaming needs to stop when it comes to sexual assault cases. 

Unfortunately, there are still people who blame the girl victims whenever they are raped or assaulted sexually. Many of them would say that it was the victims’ fault for wearing skimpy clothes, for getting drunk with the boys or for acting flirty in social encounters. These are the types of individuals who would say “She was asking for it.” Well, here’s the important thing to learn: NO, SHE DID NOT ASK FOR IT. No one wants to have sex without her consent. No one wants to be molested because she likes the other person. No one wants to be raped just because she has a reputation for being a slut. No one.

There are still a lot of things to pick up from 13 Reasons Why. But for now, let me leave you with these five thought-provoking lessons that I learned after completing the two seasons. I hope that the other viewers also enjoyed the TV show. For me, it changed the way I look at things. And now, I’m excited for the Season 3. How about you? 

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