The Best Tech Gift Ideas For 2018

Gift-giving can be an exercise in futility or a fun excursion all over town. With so many options to choose from, however, the whole activity can quickly become tedious and confusing.

Tech and gadgets - especially the practical ones - make great presents for all occasions, so they're a trendy choice when perusing gift options. A lot of these gizmos can also be easily ordered online, which further adds to their popularity. 

Encrypted storage drives

Flash drives and portable drives are still widely used in daily life today. These passcode-secured drives aren't too expensive and are a nifty gift for your office mates and friends. 

Bluetooth speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers are very handy for the audiophile who wants to share their tunes on-the-go. The best speakers feature water and shock protection, good volume and range, and a lengthy battery life.

Solar backpacks

A durable solar backpack is a thoughtful gift for the gadget-obsessed family member or friend. This allows them to store all their tech and charge them with sunlight. Opt to give them backpacks with waterproofing and anti-theft features.

Power banks

High-capacity power banks are another cheap but useful gift idea in this gadget-centric world. Be sure to pick a bank that's from a reputable manufacturer, as the market is riddled with defective and short-lived units.

Mobile signal boosters

A signal booster kit is a great investment for the whole family or an apartment full of smartphone-toting tenants. This gadget ensures that your pad has strong, reliable cellular connectivity wherever you are. Take a look at specialized tech retailers like Wilson Signal Boosters for these gadgets.


This is a great but terribly expensive gift for the dedicated videophile. OLED TVs are the new hotness in the display industry, featuring deeper blacks, impressive contrast, and extremely thin frames.

Smart plugs

Give your homeowner friends and apartment-renting pals some smart plugs as a practical housewarming gift. These doodads can turn any non-smart appliance into a relatively smarter one by providing timer and scheduler features.

Mirrorless cameras

A precious gift for the newly-minted shutterbug, mirrorless cameras are a good alternative to bulky DSLR cameras. They're compact, lightweight, and have as much power and features as a DSLR.

Flagship smartphones

Top-of-the-line handsets boast features like facial recognition, Quad HD+ screens, powerful hardware, and multi-camera setups. Flagship phones are pricey but are very versatile for the power gadget user.

Wireless chargers

These are for flagship smartphone enthusiasts, as currently, only certain flagship handsets boast wireless charging. Not having to wire-in to charge your phone is a neat little time-saver. 

Robot vacuum cleaners

Extremely busy friends and acquaintances can benefit from a robot vacuum cleaner gift. These quirky robots can easily clean underneath furniture and hard-to-reach grounded places. They used to be expensive, but nowadays, a lot of manufacturers have thrown their hats into the ring.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones can make a long, noisy commute a much more bearable. These peripherals are fantastic gifts for commuters and for audiophiles in general.

Fitness trackers

A smart band is a great present for your buddies who are into exercise and athletics. Generally durable and able to track a wealth of information and statistics, these fitness trackers are relatively cheap nowadays.

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