Gifts for Her That Are Sure to Please

For years, flowers have been the go-to when getting a gift for a woman. Flowers are overdone. While they are beautiful, they don't last very long. A good bouquet of flowers can cost around $50-$100 (PHP 2,500 or 5,000). It's time to revamp gift-giving for women. Let's make that old flower budget be used for something that lasts longer.


Faux Fur Throw

When comfort meets fashion, faux fur throw. It will be a gorgeous accent to the room and will be super soft and snuggly.  


Over the years Keurig has added some color into the mix. You can get the traditional black, or opt for white, teal, red, or even purple. They come with many features now too, like digital display. The Keurig makes it easy and fast to make tea, coffee, or cocoa. 

Picture Frame Filled with Photos

If you're looking for something budget friendly, but will still be impactful, buy picture frames and put pictures in them of the people she loves. It sounds simple, that extra effort will really mean a lot to her. You could buy multiple frames and make a collage too.

Make-Up Mirror 

This may seem boring, but browse the aisle of makeup mirrors. There are tons of options. Double sided, mounted, lighted, and even mirrors with bluetooth speakers built in.  Most women spend their mornings looking in a mirror while getting ready, might as well have something to listen too. If she likes music in the bathroom, you could opt for a radio for the shower. They are usually less expensive than mirrors with bluetooth. 

Phone Accessories

These are probably the most budget friendly. PopSockets are easy to find because of their popularity. The come in a variety of colors and patterns and cost less than $10. 


Unlike flowers, diamonds last forever. Diamonds are timeless and can even be a gift that is passed down. When picking the best jewelry for her, think about her lifestyle. If she is around small children all day, a ring may be best because children often pull on necklaces.  If she wears gloves all day, like a nurse, a ring with channel set diamonds would be best because the gloves will glide over them without tearing the gloves. 

A Special Event

This can be a fun gift for both of you. You can plan a weekend getaway to a cabin or bed and breakfast. If you can't get away, get tickets to a play or concert. If you really want to take it to the next level plan extra little details. For instance, if you are going to a concert downtown, plan a carriage ride before the convert. This could be a good time to add flowers.

Keep in mind that your gift doesn’t have to break the bank. Think about her daily routine and things that she's interested in. If she's into make-up, how perfect is a makeup mirror? If she loves to snuggle up and watch a movie, a blanket is perfect. If you feel that you need to buy flowers, do so, but pair it with something thoughtful. 

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