Tuesday, February 13

UNIQLO Announces the Newest Hana Tajima Collection

Featuring  on-trend colors, linen items, and a range of styles for any occasion.

The Japanese global retailer UNIQLO launches the HANA TAJIMA FOR UNIQLO 2018 Spring/Summer Collection. The entire line will be available in SM Megamall and select items will be released in SM City Davao and SM CDO Downtown Premier starting February 11 and on May 11 for the second launch.

LifeWear is UNIQLO’s commitment to creating high quality, functional, and affordable clothing that meets the needs of everyone’s daily lifestyles. Rooted in the brand’s LifeWear philosophy, British-born designer Hana Tajima creates the exclusive collection for women of all backgrounds, regardless of age, race, culture or religion. For 2018 Spring/Summer, new season highlights include elegantly designed pieces that offer comfort and versatility.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Ms. Tajima notes, "For this season I wanted to create a collection that would celebrate the true idea of femininity—the one that finds the strength and grace that exists in all women. These pieces are meant to be lived in, to adapt to different bodies and styles, and be versatile enough to take you through the day and through the season.” 

Incorporating on-trend orange and mustard hues for 2018 Spring/Summer, this season’s wide range of color variations make it easier to style with other UNIQLO items. Featuring pieces made from natural linen, a LifeWear essential that combines softness with refreshing comfort, each garment has been designed with a keen eye for detail to create timeless essentials that offer a variety of styling arrangements. As an added treat, the dresses have also been updated this season to include two length options for its global markets.

About Hana Tajima

Combining refined elegance and effortless comfort, British-born fashion designer Hana Tajima is changing the way young women dress all over the world with her contemporary and functional designs, that are both culturally relevant and extremely versatile. In 2017, New York’s Museum of Modern Art selected her pieces for Items: Is Fashion Modern?, an exhibition which highlighted 111 influential garments and accessories that have profoundly affected art and culture around the world over the past century. Inspired by her Japanese roots and English upbringing, Ms. Tajima’s unique designs continue to garner international attention.

For the list of items under this collection, click here.
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Friday, February 9

How To Become An Expat For The Summer

If you’ve ever spent a week at the beach, you know it's never enough time. Summer breaks are a great time to pack up and go. If money is a problem, there are a few ways to cut your expenses and even make money while living abroad. 

Here are a few tips to become an expat for the summer, affordably.

Cut Your Expenses

Get rid of your extra expenses, as soon as, you decide to become an expat. Cable, netflix, game subscriptions are the first to go. If your lease is up, thats perfect. Move all of your stuff to your parents house or to a temporary storage building. This will allow you to use that rent money somewhere else. 

Teach English

Depending on where you travel, this can be a great job. If you speak English and they don't, you have found an easy job. There are websites to find job postings for teaching positions. Choose your location and start looking. 

Pet Sitting

If you are an animal lover, this could be the best option for you. This position can be good, not just for making money, but many people will let you stay there. Just like you are spending the summer away from home, they may be too. They may let you stay there for free in exchange for taking care of their home and pets. If not free, you may get a low rate to live there. 

If they just need someone to walk their dog each day or check on their cat daily, be sure to ask if they have friends or family that they can help. This may be a way to take on more pets or even find another job in addition to pet sitting. 


There are a few ways to become a nanny. You can check local job listings, staffing agencies, and job posting websites. Once you become a nanny, you may be able to have a side job here and there, from their friends and family. 


If you have a good camera and creative eye, this can be very profitable. If you are somewhere near a beach there are many options. 

You can head out on your own or work for a resort or local business. If you decide to do it alone find local social media pages for the location you will be. Find website where vacationers will go to find things to do and places to stay. Let people know that you will be there and are available to take pictures. You will find people wanting wedding and engagement photos, as well as, family  photos. There are people that would want their proposal photographed too. 

If you would rather work for someone, contact local photographers, resorts, hotels, and wedding planners. Demand for photographers during their busy season will be high, so they will be looking for help for the season, which is perfect for you. 

Being an expat for summer will be a great adventure. You may not be able to stop working for three months. Make a plan a few months before summer. Decide what you are good at and get busy. It never hurts to start making connections now, so that you can start working as soon as you get there. 

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Tuesday, February 6

A Little Note For All The Girls Out There

This little note is for everyone who is afraid to take a leap because  she feels that staying in the comfort zone seems safe.

This little note is for everyone who is frightened to move forward because she is afraid to discover what lies ahead of her.

This little note is for everyone who wants to break free from the chains of expectations and assumptions of the people surrounding her.

This little note is for everyone who has doubts in her ability to make things happen and to reach her goals.

This little note is for everyone who refuses to take on a new adventure because of the fear of failure.

This little note is for everyone who fails to walk away from her misery. 

This little note is for everyone who aims to achieve genuine happiness.

Cliche as it may sound but it is true that life is too short to let moments pass. Do not wait for a go signal before you start doing what you want. All it takes is for you to say "yes" to whatever comes your way. You got this girl so DO IT.
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