Tuesday, November 20

Nokia 7 Plus: A Phone You Can Rely On

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of a smartphone? For me, it is functionality. The dictionary defines this word as "the quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practical." As a busy person who makes an effort to juggle my law school life, work in a law firm and a passion for blogging, a highly-functional phone is a necessity. Yes, you read it right. I consider having a smartphone, not a mere want, but definitely a need. 

As such, it is no wonder why I instantly fell in love with the all-new Nokia 7 Plus. Nokia has a special place in my heart as my first ever phone was a 5110 and it was followed by a 3310. All the good memories from my childhood came rushing in when I received my very own Nokia 7 Plus. In this article, I am going to tell you the top reasons why I consider it as a phone and a friend I can rely on.

1. It allows me to take a bothie. One of the best features of this latest smartphone from Nokia is its Bothie technology. What it basically does is it allows users to simultaneously use the front and back cameras in taking one photo. It can be perfect for recording live videos on Facebook or Instagram. At the same time, it makes video calls more fun and interactive. I usually use the Bothie when taking group photos with my friends.

2. It enables me to capture random moments with the ones I love. The camera of this smartphone has Zeiss lenses. Therefore, I can take clear photos of all the best moments I share with the persons close to my heart. If you check the gallery of my Nokia 7 Plus, you can see that most of the photos taken were all about food. 

3. It easily notifies me for events and assignments. I have to admit that there are times when I forget about my meetings or appointments. Aside from this, I also tend to miss the deadlines for the tasks or assignments that I need to complete. However, everything changed the moment I started using Nokia 7 Plus. The notification center of this phone is so easy to use! Reminders and alarms can be set up in less than a minute. 

4. Its battery can last for long hours. The Nokia 7 Plus also comes with long battery life. I can use the phone for two straight days without the need for charging it. This is such a good thing for someone like me who is always on the go. The battery capacity is 3,800mAh and is capable of fast charging.

Here are some of the top features that I really love about this phone:

  • > Screen, see more: Enjoy a bigger viewing experience on the 6” Full-HD+ display with an 18:9 ratio, or watch and chat at the same time by splitting the screen into two 1:1 windows.
  • > The camera, unleashed: Switch between aspect ratios and shooting functions, as well as adjust parameters within different camera modes, such as the intensity of effects like Bokeh and Beautify. And with Google Lens™ and Motion Photos seamlessly integrated into the camera app, its easier than ever to explore and capture the world around you in new, creative ways.
  • > Your photos like never before: The 12 MP and 13 MP sensors with ZEISS optics and 2x optical zoom deliver vivid colors that bring your photos to life. On the other side, the 16MP front camera with ZEISS optics and great low-light performance takes stunning selfies, day or night.
  • DesignBeauty in strength: Machined from a solid block of aluminium, Nokia 7 Plus can take what life throws at you and look good while doing it. Its subtle curves and ceramic-feel coating bring the best of both worlds: a great grip and a clean look. (Source:


In conclusion, I have to say that the Nokia 7 Plus is a must-have! 

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Saturday, November 10

All About Giving: Shop Exclusive Unilever Deals at Shopee

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when it comes to online shopping? For me, it has always been “Shopee,” because this online marketplace has everything that I need. The best part of all is that I never had a bad experience since the day I start shopping at this site. I had several transactions with the various sellers and so far, everything went well. The items I received were all in excellent condition, and the shipping was fast. 

As such, I became excited when I found out that there is going to be an 11.11 CHRISTMAS SALE at Shopee! All participating brands, including Unilever, are going to offer some exclusive sales and discounts to all online shoppers. Most importantly, some of these items are available for FREE Shipping! That means you can get whatever you want at an affordable price, without the need to pay more for the shipping fee. 

Here is one of the deals that I find interesting:

We all know that the holiday season is all about giving. If you have no idea on what to get for some of your friends or family members this Christmas, then make sure to check the Unilever (All About Giving) page on Shopee. Kickstart the holidays by stocking some of your favorite products! Take note that some deals are exclusive at the said e-commerce website. 

Here are some of them: 
  • > Tresemme: UP TO 50% OFF 
  • > St. Ives: UP TO 50% OFF 
  • > Dove: UP TO 40% OFF 
  • > Unilever Homecare products: UP TO 30% OFF 
  • > Unilever Foods products: UP TO 40% OFF

Also, don’t miss the 11.11 FLASH SALES for more savings!

Mark your calendar! The sale will start at 11:00 AM on November 11, 2018.


Use this code to get 20% off when you buy PHP 1,000 worth of Unilever items.

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Thursday, November 1

#makeITsafePH: Online Shopping Addiction 101

Globe has a new campaign called #makeITsafePH that aims to spread awareness about the responsible use of digital technology. It focuses on cybersecurity and cyber-wellness to educate different consumers in the Philippines to inform them about the potential risks of using the platforms made available via the Internet. 

The goal of the campaign is to provide consumers with the right information necessary to protect themselves from the said risks. The campaign also teaches the public proper online etiquette so that would not become a source of such deplorable behavior. I am happy to be part of this campaign. 

Here is my take on this latest and amazing effort of Globe to #makeITsafePH:

In this modern age of technology, almost everything we want is already within our reach. All we have to do is use our smartphone or laptop to get what we want. If we are hungry, we can easily call up a restaurant and request for food delivery or visit its website to make an online order. If we want to shop but do not have the luxury of time to do it, we can conveniently go online and buy from our favorite e-commerce site. 

For these reasons, we can conclude that the advancements in the field of technology have absolutely made our life more comfortable than ever. As long as we have an Internet connection, everything is going to be okay. It may seem like we have a good life because of the availability of the Internet but let’s face it – it also has some disadvantages. One of which is an online shopping addiction. 

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of online stores available all over the world? A large number of these businesses can even cater to all existing customers and potential clients around the globe. With the increasing number of online stores created every single day, it is safe to assume that the competition has become tough for the industry players. Because of this, many online entrepreneurs offer big sales and amazing discounts or promotions to their target market. As a result, more people are encouraged to shop online. For some, it even leads to addiction.

What is an online shopping addiction?

Addiction is a negative term, which is usually associated with the words “craving,” “dependency” and “compulsion.” Some experts call it “pathological buying online” addiction. Allow me to quote a portion of the research completed by PLOS ONE entitled “Pathological Buying Online as a Specific Form of Internet Addiction: A Model-Based Experimental Investigation.”

Pathological buying (PB), compulsive buying, buying addiction, and oniomania are different terminologies describing the same phenomenon in which individuals are preoccupied with shopping, suffer from recurrent buying impulses or episodes, and lose control over their buying behavior.

What are the signs and symptoms?

The following characteristics indicate that someone is suffering from this online shopping addiction:
  • Choosing to shop online instead of fulfilling duties or obligations at work 
  • Having financial troubles or issues because of unpaid credit card bills arising from online shopping activities
  • Experiencing extreme sadness for failure to catch a limited time offer or sale
  • Having difficulty in sleeping at night
  • Feeling like one cannot stop himself from shopping online
  • Sacrificing relationships with family members, friends and even loved ones because of irresponsible online shopping activities
  • Spending less time doing more meaningful activities because of online shopping 
  • Thinking of online shopping endlessly

How can one get over from this addiction?

Fortunately, there are still ways on how one can overcome online shopping addiction. If you believe that you have a pathological buying online attitude, make sure to follow these courses of action:

1. Find your passion. Think of other things or activities that can keep you preoccupied so that you can stop thinking about buying some items online. Keep yourself busy by doing more of what you love and none of those that can only cause troubles in your life.

2. Talk to a friend. Try to open up about your problems regarding your shopping addiction. Take note that the more you keep it in yourself, the more difficult it would be to take it out of your system. Find someone whom you can be honest about. 

3. Think before hitting “buy now.” Take all the time you need in making an online purchase. As already mentioned above, online shopping is actually not a bad thing. It only becomes dangerous if you are already addicted to it. Do not rush in putting items on your online cart. Think twice before you make an order.

4. Know wants from needs. Keep in mind that just because an item is on sale does not mean that it is affordable. Be smart enough to know the significant distinctions among the things you need to have from those that you merely want. Of course, the former shall be a top priority while the latter can be foregone. 

5. Remember your financial status. Learn how to assess your financial status. Do you have enough savings in the bank? Can you afford to buy all the things you want online? If the answer is in the affirmative, then shop all you want as long as you can pay for it. On the other hand, if you are already on the brink of experiencing financial collapse, then maybe learn how to control your shopping urges.

6. Seek professional help. There are different forms of online shopping addiction. If what you have is a severe kind, the best thing to do is to seek professional help. Look for an expert who can help you in recovering from addiction.

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Thursday, October 11

Gifts for Someone Who Has It All

There are some people who have everything. Sometimes its because they literally do have everything they could ever want – looks, friends, a lucrative and rewarding job, travels, the car…you know the drill. Then some people would say they have it all because they’re happy with what they have, however much or however little it is.

This is all well and good for these lucky people, but what do you do at birthdays and Christmas when you face the impossible task of finding a great gift for them? It can be done, but you may have to think outside of the box and maybe buy them something that’s intangible.

Try a creative writing course

If the special someone in your life has a creative side then it might enjoy a bit of a workout via a creative writing course or group. You should be able to find one in your local area and if you keep an eye out you might be able to find one that’s run by a moderately famous professional writer!

Present them with some precious metals

For something that’s definitely tangible, you could buy some silver bars from Golden Eagle Coin for your already-blessed friend. Of course, silver or any other precious metal looks beautiful, but it also has genuine value and represents a good investment as well as offering an impressive reveal!

A trip to Iceland

Travelling to Iceland gives people the chance to stand on land that may well be younger than them thanks to its wealth of volcanoes. Even if they’re not quite brave enough to leave Reykjavik, they’ll still find loads to do, see, taste and smell (the Blue Lagoon is notorious for its sulphurous odor) in this amazing city. 

Buy them a goat

Of course, you could actually buy a goat, like an actual goat – for the garden (actually, you’d need to buy two or more because they’re very social creatures). However, your friend might prefer the type of goat that sends them email updates as it helps a community in a developing country find its feet. 

There are many goat and cow sponsorship schemes out there, so find one that helps a community in a country that’s close to the person’s heart and make everyone happy.

An underwater smartphone case

If your friend is surgically-attached to their smartphone then you can help them to cement their relationship even further by giving them an inflatable, waterproof (up to five feet) and transparent case. These cases fit most smartphones and allow people to go swimming, boating or even lazing in a hot tub without risking the life of their favorite gadget.

A pair of customised ski boots

The ski equipment giant Fisher can use magic (well, 3D scanning and vacuum trickery) to create a ski boot that’s totally moulded to the owner’s foot. This makes for improved performance and comfort on the slopes, as well as an après ski that doesn’t involve blackened toenails.  

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Sunday, September 23

Top Tips To Care For Your Jewelry

All jewelries need an occasional cleaning. If you have a jewelry collection never wait until you already notice your precious stones getting smeared and dirty. Jewelries need attention and care to keep them shining brightly through the test of time. No amount of jewelry insurance will ever replace the attachment your gems give you.

So here are some quick DIY cleaning tips to easily keep your collection safe and sparkling:

Store Them Separately

Store each of your precious gems separately since each gemstone varies in hardness which can easily scratch each other when stored all together. Keep them in separate cushioned compartments and remove any fastenings so that they don’t latch or get tangled. Jewelries should be kept away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Try to keep all the original packaging since they are the best protection of your jewels from dust and tarnish. Wrap precious items made from diamonds, gold and silver in pure cotton to keep them away from moist and dust. When storing pearls, be extra careful because they are soft and can easily get scratched and damaged.

Wear Them Cautiously

When dressing up, always put jewelries last to avoid your clothes from latching and damaging them. If you need to put basic personal makeups and sprays, apply them first before putting any jewelry on so that they will not be contaminated. Make sure everything dries up before putting on your jewelries. When you need your hair fixed, remove earrings so they will not be caught by hairbrushes or combs. If you plan to color your hair, remove earrings and necklaces made of pearl because the chemicals will cause them to lose their color. Always remember to remove jewelries before doing household chores since it can easily get damaged by cleaning equipment. Diamonds can be chipped if hit with a hard blow.

Clean Them Gently

Regularly clean your jewelry collection to remove any dirt or moist in them but remember to do it gently. The common rule to cleaning jewelry is to stay away from abrasive materials and resort to soap, water and a soft toothbrush if you do not have an idea how fragile your jewelry is. Be cautious not to over-handle your collection. When cleaning silver jewelry, use dip type cleaners which needs to be washed off and completely dried after. Gold and platinum jewelries can be cleaned by using a specialized cleaner. Seek the advice of expert jewelers for specific cleaners.

Stay Away From Contaminants

Experts advise owners to keep their jewelry collections away from exposure to water and other chemicals to prevent them from tarnishing and losing their color. Hold your jewelries as seldom as possible to keep away the oils from your body from damaging and fading them. If your jewels are accidently drenched in water or any chemicals, use a dry towel and gently pat them to dry off the wetness. Most home cleaners and chemicals found in makeup, perfume and hair products can damage jewelries.

Seek Help From Experts

If you are uncertain about cleaning your jewelries, go to a professional jeweler and ask for advice rather than risking the shine of your collection. Some jewelries are very delicate and sensitive that it needs the touch of a professional. Experts say that all jewelries need to be inspected and cleaned by professionals at least once per year. All the dirt and scratches accrued through wearing them every day and aging can be eliminated to return the former shine of your collection.

Follow these simple cleaning tips for your jewelry collection to keep them shining brightly every time you use them. Following these tips will guarantee your jewelries’ safety so that you can fully take advantage of the money you have invested in them.

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Wednesday, August 8

Pasta in Pesto with Uni-Pak Sardines (FREE Easy Recipe)

Here's a confession: I don't know how to cook. Everyone in my family has outstanding cooking skills, so many of them are wondering why I ended up being different. In our family, I am considered as the only person whose ability is to taste whatever is served on our table. You can only see me on the dining table, but never in the kitchen where all the magic happens. The truth is that I never had a passion for cooking meals or preparing dishes. I kept on saying that I'm too busy to do it...

However, just recently, I became interested in learning how to cook. For me, it is a beautiful art that I need to master. We all know that good food is often associated with great mood and happiness. Fortunately, a lot of people have been helping me in the process of acquiring some cooking skills. As a beginner, I have to start with something simple such as a pasta dish. According to my mom, I can never go wrong with pasta as long as I follow the proper procedure.

Over the weekend, my mom and I spent some bonding time in the kitchen to learn how to cook Pasta in Pesto. We added a twist to our dish with Uni-Pak Sardines in Spicy Oil. It was such a delight to know that I got to cook it right! Allow me to share the recipe in this post. (Giveaway alert: Make sure to check the last part of this post for a chance to win a gift pack from Uni-Pak!).

Free Recipe


  • 300g pasta of your choice
  • 150g bacon
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1 cup butter
  • 2 tablespoon pesto
  • 2 cans of Uni-Pak sardines in spicy oil
  • 1/2 cup onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste

  • Cook pasta in a large pot of boiling water. Be sure to check the label for the specific time to bring it to boil. Drain when done.
  • In a separate pan, heat the butter in medium low heat. Sautée the onion and garlic, then add the pesto together with salt and pepper. Cook the bacon with Uni-Pak Sardines in Spicy Oil. When everything is done, add the cream.
  • Mix the pasta with the sauce. Optional: serve it with cheese.

Clean Production, Safe to Eat

Do you wonder how Uni-Pak sardines being produced? Let us learn more by watching Kris Aquino's video on her tour in the Uni-Pak plant in Navotas City, Metro Manila.


Of course, I believe that all Uni-Pak products are cleanly produced and safe to consume, especially for my loved ones.


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Thursday, July 26

REX’s Pre-LEX Reviewer Is All You Need To Accomplish One Goal This 2018

Summertime is over, and the back-to-school vibe is now in full swing. While the majority of students are now planning their career paths and shifting their focus for the school year 2018-2019, a good number of graduates or even professionals and industry specialists may be looking at taking a different kind of challenge as they plan to go back to campus -- this time, to study law. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings disruption through evolving technology that poses both a challenge and opportunity to everyone. Law, being one of the cornerstones of every nation, is no exception. With the different disputes and challenges that rattle society, from talks of privacy, cyber attacks, political shifts and other issues that plague the country, not to mention the ever-changing global landscape -- legal education has become more and more important and in demand. Current times require better strategies for finding and protecting the truth to ensure that respect and equality are maintained within societies.

Pass the Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT)

To shortlist the best candidates and assess the preparedness of aspiring law students for their chosen career path, the country’s Legal Education Board prepared an entrance exam called the Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT). PhiLSAT is a standardized aptitude test that is created to measure the academic potential of those who wish to enter law school. Under the "Legal Education Reform Act of 1993" (Republic Act No. 7662),  PhiLSAT has now become a requirement for admission for every law school in the country. 

Prepare for the Exam

Preparation is key to gain confidence in passing standardized exams like PhiLSAT.  To aid in one’s study, it is important to have a reviewer that would not only help train students with critical thinking but also provide a thorough assessment of one’s possible performance in the exam. REX Institute for Student Excellence (RISE), a group established under Rex Book Store, aimed at assisting educational institutions and teachers in the use of assessment and research tools toward the achievement of students' learning goals, created a tailor-fit reviewer to do just that. 

Use The Right Material

The Preparation for Law School Entrance Examinations or Pre-LEX Reviewer follows the same content and format of PhiLSAT. It helps put focus on topics that needs to be reviewed by aspiring law students including communication and language proficiency, critical thinking, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. It contains a full-length mock exam designed to simulate the PhiLSAT with answer keys and explanations for all the items included. The Pre-LEX Reviewer also includes an accompanying scoring rubric that can help assess how an aspiring law student may fair with the upcoming exams. Pre-LEX Reviewer provides learners a definitive way to succeed.  

This reviewer is also designed and developed by renowned and respected contributors in the education industry who shares the same vision as REX. As a bonus, bar topnotcher and San Beda Law valedictorian Attorney Reinier R. Yebra wrote the foreword and introduction, with a provision on useful tips and strategies to pass the entrance exams and do well in law school. The Pre-LEX Reviewer is also aligned with the UP Law Aptitude Examination (UPLAE) and other law school entrance exam for those applying to other institutions with additional screening 

REX Book Store is one of the known pillars of Philippine education whose first published works include law books. Through initiatives such as the Pre-LEX Reviewer, the company aims to help hone and inspire learners to be law practitioners with the heart for nation-building. By providing them tools to prepare for their journey, REX hopes to educate the future protectors of justice in the country. 

The Pre-LEX Reviewer is now available at REX Book Store as well as National Book Store branches, and online through the REX E-Store. You may visit this link for more information:
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Wednesday, July 18

I Fell In Love With "Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again"

Spoiler Alert: This article may contain some spoilers from the movie. You've been warned :) 

"Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again" is the type of movie that will leave you smiling at the end of the film. It was such a happy movie that my heart was absolutely high for the entire duration of the film. I was there at the cinema, feeling giddy and excited about how the movie would turn out. At first, I was kind of disappointed because I expected more from this sequel. Shame on me, because towards the end of the film, everything became more interesting. The songs started to sound more familiar and the scenes became more interesting. Most importantly, I was moved by the courage and dedication of Donna Sheridan - played by Lily James (young) and Meryl Streep (old). The truth is that my heart right now is overflowing with joy. "Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again" is such a relief. It was a breath of fresh air. I will definitely watch it over and over again (just like what I did with the first installation).

If you are a constant reader of this blog, then you are aware that the next part of this article would talk about how the movie touched me. I have so many things to say about this film, and I don’t even know where to start. So allow me to just randomly tell you about the top five thoughts I have for the film:

1. I wish I were as courageous as the character of Donna. She left everything behind to follow her heart. It may not have ended the way she wanted it to be, but she sure was happy. Being pregnant with Sophie was never in her plans. When it happened, her world turned upside down, and she was able to handle it on her own. Instead of being bitter, she held her head up and moved on to better tomorrows. She is an inspiration to all the women out there. Sometimes, all we need is to believe in ourselves to achieve pure bliss. Happiness is not something that knocks on our door. It’s always in our life. We just need to figure out how to reach out to it. Remember this line from her:

2. The part where Cher showed up is one of my favorite scenes. She is so amazing. She was so great in rendering her own version of “Fernando.” I have to say that her short appearance is significant in helping the film become iconic. Plus, there were fireworks everywhere, which makes the scene more dramatic. I have seen the trailer for the film so I thought that Cher would only sing one song. Mamma Mia surprised the viewers again when Cher started singing the first few lines of “Super Trouper”. You can check this out:

3. The movie did not focus on the love story of Sophie and Sky. We knew that there was a conflict in the relationship, but it was not really highlighted because the attention was focused on the re-opening of the hotel. However, if you would look closely at the scenes, some songs were about the problems between the couple. Will they survive the long distance relationship? Are they going to give up their dreams just to stay with each other? Who has bigger dreams between the two of them? If there is one thing that the movie reminded us, it is this: we must never allow someone to dictate the course of our lives. We all know what we want and we have to get it for our own satisfaction and happiness. 

4. Another valuable lesson I learned from the film is to be fearless. It is essential always to do what sets our souls on fire. It may not be easy, but it is necessary if we want to live happily. We will keep on making mistakes, and this is completely okay. What matters most is how we pick all the broken pieces to move forward.


Have you seen the movie? Let me know what you think about it!

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Saturday, June 30

5 Ways Personal Loans Can Be Used

Personal loans are a great way to help you when your finances need a boost. Life can be expensive sometimes, so getting a personal loan could be just what you need to get back on your financial track. Finding a lender that you can trust takes research, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your lender will get you the best possible rate based on your credit history and set up an easy repayment plan. 


There are many ways to use your personal loan once you get it, but here are five ways to get you started: 

Debt Repayment 

What if you could pay off all your credit cards at once instead of trying to remember due dates? Paying off credit cards or other debts with a personal loan has many benefits such as wiping out high finance rates, raising your credit score, and making it easy on yourself by paying a single monthly payment on your personal loan. It’s a great way to simplify your finances and regain control of your budget. You can use the cash to pay off personal loans from friends, family, utility companies, collections accounts, and anyone else that you might owe money to. 

Home Improvements 

It all seems to happen at once, right? The washer dies, you need a new roof, and the driveway needs repaving. Your home is your biggest asset and you owe it to yourself to keep it in tip-top shape. Even if your house is in good condition, it could be time to put in a second bathroom or maybe that swimming pool you’ve been talking about. A personal loan can make your dream a reality


Getting a higher education is one of the best reasons for taking out a personal loan. If you’re going to a public university, you know that the federal loan limits can be maxed out quickly. Here’s where a lender can help with a loan to help you complete your degree. Many private institutions don’t accept federally funded loans, so a personal loan can help provide the financial assistance that you’ll need to get a great education. 

Special Events 

Your life should be full of adventures and unforgettable moments. There are once in a lifetime events like weddings, 50th anniversaries, special birthdays, and religious events that you will want to celebrate in style. Don’t forget about personal goals like a trip around the world or climbing Mount Everest. You can make it happen with a personal loan. 

Everything Else 

If you’ve ever had an unexpected medical event, lost a job, or got thrown one of life’s curve balls, you know that it can be hard to get back on your feet. You can use your personal loan to cover a variety of expenses like getting a new car (or refurbishing a classic), donating money to your favorite non-profit, or medical expenses that your insurance won’t cover like plastic surgery. Find a trusted lending institution today to take care of all your financial needs.

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Friday, June 22

Rex Bookstore: Empowering Holistic Learning

Whenever a discovery or breakthrough in technology or process creates an impact on how we go about our daily lives, we often hear people say the phrase -- "a new era has arrived." This could be the simplest description to explain an Industrial Revolution - the emergence of an innovation that introduces a new way of living. 

Marking of Four Industrial Revolutions 

There have been four industrial revolutions that created an impact on economies, lifestyles and social landscapes.

The First Industrial Revolution was marked by the discovery of steam and water which led to the construction of machines replacing manual labor by humans and animals. The Second Industrial Revolution is where electricity and internal combustion emerged, a breakthrough that led to the development of convenient modes of transportation like cars and airplanes. It also made possible communication via radio and telephone and opened the gates for mass production in manufacturing. 

Electronics, the internet, and information technology helped improved speed and productivity which marked the Third Industrial Revolution. It is referred to as the early onset of the digital revolution as we shift from analog and electronic to digital technologies. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has built on this innovation and brought in a disruption that blurred the lines between physical, biological and industrial. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, robotics, 3D printing are just some of the words passed around today as part of the daily convo. While entering a fully automated world creates a myriad of opportunities packed with great excitement, it also poses a more significant challenge for us all to face. 

New Trends, New Opportunities, New Challenges 

Connectivity vs. Privacy 

Connectivity and collaboration have now defied space, beyond physical relationships. Communities may be formed virtually, and data gathered without answering paper-printed surveys. Some would question when are we crossing the line of privacy? When does connectivity through technology invade rather than benefit parties involved in virtual relations?

Machines vs. Humans 

The never-ending debate as to whether machines would replace humans is a hot topic since the third industrial revolution and was further intensified with the discoveries of the fourth revolution. With intelligent systems and robots bringing accuracy, precision and high productivity rate in different businesses, the question is would humans be outdated soon? 

New Skill Sets vs. Traditional Value Systems

Current landscapes demand more than hard work and perseverance to win a job. While positive attitude and basic ethics can get you hired, sustaining a career involves specific skill sets, one that may go beyond the usual comfort zones of tradition. While some jobs may be extinct, new career opportunities would also open for professionals to enter. The question is, are we ready? 

Learning To Embrace The Change 

It is without a doubt that education is the cornerstone that prepares communities to face the changes brought about by era shifts. Instead of competing against the inevitable, education systems should be equipped with the tools and assets to enhance the human potential to work and compliment technological changes instead of fighting against it. REX Book Store has acknowledged this fact. Being one of the pillars of education in the Philippines since the 1950s, the company has already conquered several eras of disruption. REX is familiar with the drill of innovating to evolve and give better support in grooming learners so they can take advantage of the opportunities that the fourth industrial revolution offers. 

Today, learning goes beyond the four corners of the classroom. REX, through continuous enhancement of its symphony of learning solutions, made it its mission to empower families, communities and partner industries to provide a solid foundation for learners. Assessment tools are enhanced as the company seeks to prepare students to face the future. Through working with its stakeholders to build the "classroom of the future", REX aims to ensure that every Filipino learner is healthy, safe, supported, engaged, and challenged.

How about you, how do you envision the classroom of the future? Join the conversation. Know more about the fourth industrial revolution and let us know how you can contribute to the empowerment of learners by visiting

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Sunday, June 3

Do You Want To Know The “13 Reasons Why”?

I never thought that "13 Reasons Why" would have an impact on me. I feel for all the characters in this intriguing TV series from Netflix. When I started watching Season 1, I got attached to Hannah Baker who is the protagonist of the show. The first season revolved around the 13 tapes she made before killing herself. All these tapes contained her secrets and confessions, basically her side of the story. She narrated how difficult her life was and revealed the persons who made her decided to commit suicide. 

In the second season, things remained the same because obviously Hannah Baker is still dead. However, this time, the plot revolved around the individual stories of the people mentioned on the tapes. These students from Liberty High (well, most of them) shared their own stories in relation to Hannah Baker's tapes. 

Well, we all know that 13 Reasons Why is a product of an imaginative mind. Everything is pure fiction. But we also know that every episode contains several lessons that we need to remind ourselves on a regular basis. In my case, allow me to share what I learned from the first two seasons of "13 Reasons Why".

Suicide is a serious issue that needs attention.

It is time to start talking about mental health concerns. The sad reality in the modern world is that we still consider suicide as a taboo. Whenever someone opens up about killing himself, the natural reaction of many people is to criticise that person, to laugh at him or to shrug it away. This is why I’m glad that "13 Reasons Why" made suicide as a significant part of the show’s plot. The TV series is a great reminder that we must learn how to discuss suicide as well as the ways on how to prevent them. We have to remember that some people has tendencies to end their lives, especially when they are hurting too much.

Communication is everything. 

The first season of the show highlighted how Hannah Baker’s life fell apart and how she kept everything to herself. She may have expressed her emotions through poetry, but her friends, classmates, and even parents, failed to take the hint. No one knew that she wanted everything to stop by killing herself. After watching the two seasons, it made me realize that engaging in effective communication with others is important. We must learn not only how to express our feelings but also how to listen to others, most especially when they need it the most. Come to think of this: If only Hannah Baker had open up to Clay Jensen or her parents, things would have been different.

Bullying comes in many forms, and anyone can be a victim of it. 

Another significant part of the show is the issue on bullying. "13 Reasons Why" showed the viewers that there are many kinds of bullying and these hurtful acts can take place anywhere. The TV series also presented how bullying can affect the victim. It made me wonder what a bully can get from making another person's life miserable. Does it make him happy? Is it what he needs to feel satisfaction and contentment? Is he doing it to cover up a hurtful past or traumatic experience? I wish that bullies would stop antagonizing their victims. On the other hand, I wish that the bullied persons could get the help they need as soon as possible.

High school teachers and administrators must give more attention to the welfare of their students. 

At this point, it is essential to emphasize that adolescent age is the time when teenagers discover who they are and who they want to become. High school is where their dreams are made and where their aspirations are also lost. Anything can happen in high school and each one has certain consequences. Some of these can affect the future of the students. For this reason, the teachers and school administrators are expected to look out for the teens. They have to offer help, guidance and support to help the teenage students stay at the right path. 

Victim-shaming needs to stop when it comes to sexual assault cases. 

Unfortunately, there are still people who blame the girl victims whenever they are raped or assaulted sexually. Many of them would say that it was the victims’ fault for wearing skimpy clothes, for getting drunk with the boys or for acting flirty in social encounters. These are the types of individuals who would say “She was asking for it.” Well, here’s the important thing to learn: NO, SHE DID NOT ASK FOR IT. No one wants to have sex without her consent. No one wants to be molested because she likes the other person. No one wants to be raped just because she has a reputation for being a slut. No one.

There are still a lot of things to pick up from 13 Reasons Why. But for now, let me leave you with these five thought-provoking lessons that I learned after completing the two seasons. I hope that the other viewers also enjoyed the TV show. For me, it changed the way I look at things. And now, I’m excited for the Season 3. How about you? 

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Thursday, May 10

Gifts for the Fashion Forward Guy Who Has it All

A gift often reveals what we think about someone. Not merely that we admire or like them, but how we understand who they are. We generally give gifts for two reasons: we want the other person to have something or we think they want something they don’t have. The first one is an expression of affection or appreciation. The second is a sense of wanting to fill a need or desire in their lives. 


Both reasons are appropriate and should be considered when buying gifts. Some people seem to eliminate the second category, however, by having everything, hence the expression the gift for the man who has everything. For these men, it is sensible to do something custom, heartfelt and meaningful, but don’t give up too easily. They often have needs which can be unearthed with a little digging. That effort will also be noticed. Whichever category you choose to operate in, here are some gift ideas for the fashion forward guy who has it all. 


Liquor doesn’t mean just another bottle of booze. Anyone can give anybody such a gift. A fashion forward man isn’t interested in stocking his shelf with an additional bottle of Jack Daniel’s. However, no man, no matter how rich, has enough Pappy Van Winkle bourbon or Dalmore scotch. 

A good bottle of liquor is not only a great gift for the man with everything, it creates a social opportunity. He will probably share some with you and you can enjoy a moment. This can also be an opportunity to give him a custom accessory, like an engraved flask or a set of glasses. By themselves, these items are underwhelming, but coupled with a quality bottle and you’ve hit homerun. 


According to Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias, “What separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” This classic line couples well with the fashion forward man’s need to accessorize well with their outfits. Wearing a great suit becomes meaningless if you wear the wrong shoes or a bad belt, cufflinks or braces (not suspenders, look it up). 

Even things like fashionable sunglasses and phone covers are now essential to the ensemble and are considered accessories. These items are very important from a fashion standpoint.

Custom Orders

Custom made stuff can be tricky. On one hand, it is always considered thoughtful, which makes it good. On the other hand, if the quality of the gift is substandard, it can have the opposite effect as intended. However, if you are skilled at making something meaningful and valuable, nothing is better. 

It doesn’t always have to require tremendous skill. For example, a photo album compiled of pictures that trigger fond memories can be priceless. Be careful of trying to knit a sweater unless you are a pro, though. 

High End Sports Apparel

Some men wear sports apparel in an oafish manner that looks sloppy.  However, many fashion forward men also love sports and enjoy repping their alma mater or favorite team’s colors. The key here is to keep the apparel fashionable, well fitted and high quality. Sometimes the team’s apparel includes highly fashionable items, but they are priced in a way that they aren’t common. 

Those are the items to get. This is also a good way to leverage nostalgia. We often associate good times with our college experiences or times we went to games. The sports apparel can be a way to open those memories up and become more than merely a fashionable statement about his team. 

Cutting Edge Tech

One thing that is certain: technology changes fast. It is almost impossible to stay cutting edge with technology. Not only is it expensive to constantly swap out your phone every few months, it is a hassle. People don’t like changing their technology as fast as technology changes. 

However, the fashion forward guy does like being on the cutting edge once that decision has been made to upgrade. This creates an opportunity. Sometimes the tech itself can be a great gift. Other times, it is the accessories for the newly acquired tech. Both are welcome and appreciated. 

Something Completely Out of Character 

We all enjoy doing something out of character from time to time. The problem is, it’s out of character, so we don’t prepare for it. Therefore, buying a fashion forward man a loud paisley shirt that he would never buy for himself, or a funky hat or socks with cartoon characters could secretly become favorites, even if reserved for special occasions. But this doesn’t have to be reserved for a once a year occasion. 

It is always fun to give someone a gift they appreciate. And some people are hard to discern what they would love. For those men, particularly the fashion forward guy, the above list is a good start in figuring out how to give to them. Even if they are always gracious, by doing the little things that show you know them makes their gift worth giving. And after all, isn’t that what we want? 

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Saturday, May 5

Customizing Everything Is Always Fun At Basic Invite

One of the things that I enjoy doing is planning for events. It makes me giddy and excited whenever I have to complete tasks for parties or get-togethers. As you probably know by now, there are tons of to-do's when it comes to organizing an event. Each task is crucial, which is why they have to be made with care or precision. A good example of this is sending out invitations to people whom you want to show up for the party. The invites must contain not only the essential information about the event but it must also have a neat and pretty design.

There is a high tendency that people would forget to send invites, especially when they are too busy with other activities. In this digital age, some individuals prefer to send cards and invitations using text messages or electronic mails. While this has become a custom for everyone, it is still best to have printed forms for these items. Doing this can make the recipient feel more valued or important. As a result, the likelihood that he or she will attend the party will increase. Fortunately, there is one website that allows us to customize cards and invitations.

Just recently, I came across Basic Invite ( and I have to say that I fell in love with it right away. There are so many reasons why it has become my go-to site whenever I have to print out cards or invites. I'm sure that you are gonna love it too because of these:

There are many color options to choose from.

The best part about this site is that it allows customers to choose from a wide range of color options. The selection is almost unlimited! The first thing that you need to do is to select a design for the item that you want to send out to friends or family members. After choosing the design, you can now change the color of each element on the card or invite. There are approximately 180 different color options available. Take note that colors can make or break the overall look of your printed material.

Check these samples of college graduation party invitations in different colors:

Customers can request for a custom sample.

One of the fears of many customers is receiving a copy of an invitation which looks completely different from what they placed online. Unfortunately, expectations are not met. Basic Invite understands this common dilemma which is why it gives the customers the ability to order for a printed sample of their actual invitation. This is great because it allows you to review your order before requesting for mass printing. As such, you have the chance to review the design when printed as well as the type of paper used.

Colorful envelopes are available per order.

What septs Basic Invite apart from other printing companies is that it also has a collection of over 40 different colors of envelopes. Customers can choose that color they like for the envelopes to make their invites stand out before it is opened. Whether you like it or not, first impression is really important in sending out invitations. This is why you must always see to it to select the perfect color for your envelopes so that your recipients would feel excitement upon seeing the invite. 

Here is a sample of a thank you card graduation with a beautiful envelope:

What are you waiting for? Be sure to bookmark and check the site for all your printing needs (cards or invitations). Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: *15FF51*.

Do not forget to check them on social media: Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter


Tuesday, May 1

Foodpanda Is About To Paint Davao Pink

With all the recent advancements in the field of technology, it now becomes easy for all of us to get what we want in an instant. Nowadays, it is already possible to order food from our favorite restaurants even at the comforts of our own home. We no longer need to dress up and go to the restaurant before we can satisfy our food cravings. All that we need to do is to order online and wait for the delivery man to knock on our doors.

If you are the type of person who wants a fast and worry-free food delivery, then you will surely love the coming of a new food delivery service in Davao. In just a few days, the leading and on-demand food delivery company will paint the city pink. With the coming of foodpanda, we can start to enjoy some delicious meals from over forty restaurants or food establishments. A fleet of pink riders will delivery the online order directly to customer's doors.

Gone are the days where food lovers need to memorize the delivery numbers of their favorite restos. With the foodpanda app, users can easily check the available restaurants within 7-kilometers from their current location. After selecting the restaurant, users will be redirected to a page containing all the available dishes served by the restaurant. Fortunately, any Dabawenyo will soon have a chance to enjoy his or her favorite international cuisines, be it American, Italian or Asian! Everything can be delivered right at the doorstep!

According to the CEO of foodpanda, Mr. Lacopo Rovere, they are excited to include Davao to the list of cities where they have full operations. He stated: "Davao is a city with a great potential for food delivery, especualy with its very colorful and tasty food culture. As always, we intend to bring out the best experience in food delivery to our customers -- we look forward to see eager and encouraging feedback from current and potential partner restaurants and customers."

There are two ways to order food via foodpanda -- through its website or via the app. The app is available in both the Appstore and Good Play. A delivery fee of PHP 59 will apply for every online order. Take note that this amount is fixed for all food deliveries. Customers can pay the amount of the total order through cash on delivery, credit card or Paypal. Do not worry about making online transactions with foodpanda because it has a secured platform.

Use the coupon code PANDAVAO! for a FREE delivery on your FIRST order.

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Tuesday, April 24

7 Legendary Coffee Shops In Los Angeles

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The word “city” is synonymous with coffee. Nearly every street corner in Manhattan is marked by a coffee stand, which is right down the street from a Dunkin’ Donuts, which is next to a craft coffee joint for the real espresso heads. As the second most populated city in the country, the City of Angels is just as teeming with coffee stops, whether they’re swanky coffee bars serving up the latest trends amidst the Los Angeles mansions or down-home establishments that have been around longer than most of the patrons. These are seven legendary coffee shops to keep you buzzed for a complete day of shopping, sightseeing and beaching it in LA. 

Nick’s Coffee Shop and Diner

Start your visit to LA in the Jewish Corridor between Beverly Hills and Culver City, because this is where you’ll find one of the best hole-in-the-wall coffee stops in the city -- Nick’s Coffee Shop and Diner. Fresh coffee, cheap eats, and a classic diner feel, complete with more than a hundred framed photos of Hollywood stars, makes this one of the best old-school places to fuel your day in a city that seems to grow more upscale every day. Don’t tell your friends, because this is one breakfast nook where you may not have to wait in line for several hours to taste the best omelet of your life. 

Menotti’s Coffee Stop

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When you’re looking for something a little less old-fashioned, head west to Venice. Here, you’ll find Menotti’s Coffee Stop, offering an ideal combination of skilled baristas, quality espresso, and cool quirks, like a secret menu and vinyls spinning mellow coffee shop tunes. You don’t have to be shy about ordering something complicated (they even have hemp milk for vegans), because these baristas know how to make it all, and with cute latte art on top to boot. If it’s your first visit, don’t leave without trying the Spanish latte.  

Go Get Em Tiger

It’s hard to imagine a better place to start your day than one named Go Get Em Tiger. But it’s not just the name that draws crowds of coffee lovers to this Larchmont Village and Los Feliz gem (there are now two locations). The coffee is always fresh and the mellow ambiance is perfect for easing into your day.  A case of fresh baked good is available for those on-the-go, but taking a seat and enjoying the waffle with ricotta and berries, or one of many other mouthwatering breakfast dishes, is highly recommended. Head back in the afternoon for the famous coffee milkshake. 

Nick’s Cafe

Not to be confused with Nick’s Coffee Shop and Diner, Nick’s Cafe has been a Chinatown favorite since 1948. It’s one of the most classic cafes in the city, serving up cup after cup of joe fresh out of the pot and signature dishes like ham and eggs and biscuits and gravy. Sit at the counter to soak in some local gossip and enjoy countless coffee refills. Come here looking for a classic American breakfast -- not a double skinny latte with two Stevias -- and you won’t be disappointed. Oh, and don’t forget to bring cash, because Nick’s doesn’t accept cards. 

Document Coffee Bar

Many travelers who frequent coffee shops are looking for a place to log online too. Document Coffee is a place where you’re welcome to order an espresso and sit on your laptop for hours, and you can bring your dog too. The WiFi is just as strong as the espresso, the coffee is served up quickly, and the Document Latte (sweetened with maple syrup) is a must-try. The long wooden tables are excellent for catching up on emails, and visitors aren’t given the stink eye for staying a few hours. Start your day at this locally-owned Koreatown favorite, and it is already headed in the right direction. 

Cognoscenti Coffee

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Culver City’s Cognoscenti Coffee has roots, and those roots are part of what makes this place so special. Owner Yeekai Lim earned his following with his pop-up coffee bars, which have become sought-after coffee stops throughout the city. This brick-and-mortar location is a symbol of dreams becoming reality, and you can practically taste the good vibes in his single brews and espresso. Bring some extra cash to take a bag of beans from one of Lim’s favorite roasters -- like San Francisco’s Ritual Coffee or Seattle’s Kima Coffee -- to go. 

Can’t make it to Culver City? Stop in Lim’s other locations in South Park or the Fashion District for the same affordable, world-class coffee, simple eats and fresh baked goods. 

Cafecito Organico

North Hoover Street is where you’ll find a sustainably sourced coffee joint that’s consistently favored among locals. It’s cozy, unpretentious and loaded with delicious coffee drinks and pastries. The interior is small, but the large covered patio in back will make you want to stay and chat or work for a while, especially when you see all of the adorable local pups hanging out with their owners. Bike racks are plentiful, because that’s how most of the patrons arrive, so grab two wheels and enjoy this cool neighborhood sandwiched between Silver Lake and Rampart Village. 

Coffee isn’t a difficult drink to find in the City of Angels, but with so many acclaimed coffee shops on offer, it pays to do your research and taste one of the best. From historic establishments dating back to the 40s to trendy pop-ups in up-and-coming neighborhoods, LA is giving New York City’s coffee scene a run for its money. 

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Thursday, April 19

What To Do When You’re Trapped In Certain Situations


The happenings in the world bring bursts of worry among many people, along with the repercussions of climate change, sporadic wars, and terrorist activities that seem to happen on an everyday basis. It is so easy to imagine a scenario where you will find yourself trapped in dangerous situations.

For sure, panic will ensure. And with panic, dire conditions are exacerbated. Your mind will be so wrapped up with the danger you are facing that eventually, you will forget most of your human faculties—to keep calm, to think of a way out, and to feel compassion to your fellow man. In extreme circumstances, like in the case of damaging hurricanes, there will be looting and killing. It can bring out the worst in humans.

It is not impossible to find yourself in that kind of situation. And if you are unprepared, you will either give up before the battle even begins or toughen up and use any means to survive. That is why being prepared for the unknown can go a long way, not just to keep you alive but also to retain your humanity.

Whether you are someone with a taste for adventure or a homebody who is clueless about the outside world, it is mandatory to be prepared for the worse. So what is the first thing you should do to increase your chance of survival if worse comes to worst?

Creating Your Own Survival Pack

This is unlike your emergency kit of multi-tools and medicines. A survival pack is designed to aid you once you find yourself in a situation beyond your control, like getting shipwrecked and stranded in an island or dealing with the aftermath of a high-magnitude earthquake.

This survival pack can make or break your chances in extreme outdoor conditions, helping you not only withstand your situation but also thrive in it.

What should your survival pack include?

Waterproof Bag

Mountaineers are known for investing in backpacks that can house their days worth of supplies and ensure that they are convenient enough to carry. You should find a sturdy bag that can store everything you need.


When disaster strikes (say an earthquake or a hurricane), there will be power loss. It can take days to restore or even months, depending on the extent of the damage. A flashlight can be a useful emergency tool once the night closes in.

Compass and Maps

If power is out, then your electronic devices will eventually give up once their batteries drain. It is so much easier to travel with the help of a GPS, but if it is out of your options, then the manual way is your best choice.

Maps and a compass can help you navigate your way to your destination. They are especially useful if you are out in the wilderness and need to find your way.


Of all the survival tools, a knife is perhaps the most useful. You might be short of devices, but a knife can help you fashion one through resourcefulness and innovative skills. It can be valuable if you need to hunt for food, gather firewood, cook, and even to defend yourself.

You should make sure to choose a proper high quality knife, which means it must have straight edges, since those are easier to maintain. A backup knife is also advisable just in case you lose or damage your primary knife.


This is a no-brainer. Multi-tools like this wallet-do-it-all are just extremely useful and do not really take up a lot of space. You can settle for one with basic inclusions, like a can opener, a nail clipper, and a screwdriver.

Water Canteen

You can probably go for days without solid food, but water is just too important to live without for long.

A handy water canteen can be very useful when you are just starting out or if you are stuck in the woods far from a water source. Filling up your canteen with water and bringing it along on your journey is better than simply relying on your luck to come across a river or lake.

Medical Kit

Of course, this is not something you can overlook. Disaster spells injuries and other illnesses. By preparing a kit of medicines and other medical supplies, like bandages, antiseptics, ointments, and many more, you can rest assured when you have minor wounds or burns. It also pays to learn how to apply first aid to minimize the effects of injuries.

Collapsible Tent

It is difficult if the impact of a destruction is wide and there will be no more shelters to run to in case of heavy rain or extreme heat. A collapsible tent can make a huge difference, especially if you have to travel far or stay outdoors.


There are ropes for climbing and multipurpose ropes. Ropes used for climbing can be immensely helpful if you have to tackle tricky terrains. Bringing a rope can help you handle heavy weights and shock forces. In addition, multipurpose ropes can be used when making rafts, lifting game, and creating traps.

Packs of Food
Stock up on energy bars and chocolates. They are easy to carry around and can provide substantial energy on the onset of food shortage. They can get you through several days, giving you enough time to hunt for food.

Necessary Clothing

Prepare clothes that can keep you warm but light enough not to burden you. Avoid choosing those made of cotton, as those types of clothing can be detrimental if you are wet and cold since they lose their insulating properties when wet.

But if you are left with no choice and you are wearing a cotton cloth when you get wet, the best thing to do is to find something you can stuff between you and your wet clothing. If you are in the wilderness, leaves can do the trick.


This can be any tool you can find useful for survival scenarios. It can be a hatchet or a crowbar, or it can be a set of lock picking tools, as they can open abandoned houses if you are desperate for shelter and food supplies. 

A sewing kit is also a good idea if you need to mend or sew crude materials. You never know what’s in store for you out there.

Taking Other Measures to Ensure Vigilance

While survival tools can be the key to manage harsh conditions, they are no use if you do not have the will to survive.

Your preparation does not end with the survival pack. You must also make it absolutely certain that you are physically, mentally, and psychologically prepared. Sometimes, a proper mindset can make a world of difference to those who survive a disaster and those who perish.

People who have mastered the survival psychology can remain calm amidst the chaos. Instead of panicking, they assess the situation and come to a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Their actions are not always the traditional; they have the ability to think outside the box. Their focus on the tasks at hand makes them adept problem-solvers.

Of course, most of that is easier said than done. But there are steps you can take to make sure that you are mentally and psychologically strong to handle high level of stress.

Overcome Your Fear

Never let your fear control your actions. Fear can send you into panic, hinder all logical thoughts, and bring you closer to danger. It can make you immobile, unable to function when the situation calls for it.

Manage the way you deal with situations by putting your fear under your control. Train your mind to concentrate on what needs to be done. If you only look at the goal to survive, there won’t be room for fear. But if it persists, tackle its root cause. What are you scared of? Why does it scare you?
By facing what you fear the most head on, you can train yourself to overcome it and build your confidence.

Remain Positive

If you have to deal with a crisis, you will need to make decisions. Often, these decisions can dictate the outcome of your survival. Every thought you take and every action you make must be accompanied with optimism. Your eye should be on the primary goal—to survive.

By keeping positive in your situation, no matter how dire it is, you can also influence others who are with you to move and do something. Remaining positive can also quell the onset of fear.

Assess the Danger Ahead

Do not be complacent in the face of disaster. If the circumstance calls for a swift decision and action, then you should not let another minute go by before making a move. But you cannot also give in to rash decisions.

Acting on your imagination at the wrong time can spell disaster not only for you but also for those who rely on you. That is why it is important to assess the extent of danger you are in. Find the balance between caution and quick-mindedness.

Equipping Yourself with Essential Survival Skills

Apart from mental and psychological preparation, you should also learn integral skills that can help you survive. This is very useful if you find yourself stranded on an island or lost in the wilderness.
These skills can provide you with the basic necessities that you need to live.

Create Fire from Scratch

Fire is not only for cooking food. It can also be a deterrent for some wild animals and is necessary to keep you warm. Others use it as a signal for help. True, there are lighters and matches. But what if you run out of them? Building a fire is something you should master.

Use thin fuel to begin your fire-building, before gradually moving on to thicker logs. Dry tinder is ideal if you are trying to start a fire in a wet area. It can mostly be found in tree branches, under logs and rocks, and inside some plants. For help signals, you can use leaves to create a lot of smoke, piling them on top of your fuel.

Find and Purify Water

Constant rehydration is a requirement for the body to function well. You can only imagine what will happen if you will go without water for too long. So it is only sensible for you to learn how to find water anywhere. It is not only the typical source of water, like streams and rivers, that you should take note of. You can also learn how to find one in the absence of a clear water source.

Knowing and learning about plants that can give pure and drinkable water is a must. In case your water is not fit enough to drink, then you must know how to purify it.

Build a Temporary Shelter

It need not be a house, but if you find yourself stuck in the mercy of nature, you should be able to fashion a shelter out of the resources at your disposal. It can be anything from a debris hut to a tarp tent.

The important thing is that your shelter can protect you from rain and heat. Sticks, leaves, grass, and pine needles can be used for a hut. A tarp and some roof are enough to build you a tent.

Find and Hunt for Food

Looking for food can be challenging. You can be forced to pry doors open or hunt for food yourself.
It is mandatory that you learn the kind of plants safe for consumption and the type of wild game you can hunt to give you the required nutrients to recharge your energy. You need to know the basic of traps, including snares, deadfalls, fish traps, and bird snares.

There’s No Such Thing as Being Too Prepared

Taking these steps is not a guarantee that you will be safe and win the survival game. There are still too many factors that can affect your chances, but being prepared anytime and anywhere can put your mind at ease once a crisis sets in, knowing you have learned and trained to manage probable dangerous scenarios.
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