Sunday, March 26

Is It Time To Move Out Your Parents Home?

Thinking about making the move out of your parents place. Moving out is a huge decision and one that comes with all kinds of newfound financial and practical responsibilities. Having some experience living from home either at university or working abroad can greatly help you to prepare. Whether or not this is your first time, here are the biggest factors to consider before taking the decision to move.

Monday, March 20

Euphoria Came Together With The Moon

When 2017 came, things started to get better.

It always amazes me how fast everything can change in an instant. Sometimes, with a blink of an eye or a flick of a hand, everything in our lives can turn upside down. There are moments when we thought that we would get stuck at a particular situation or with a certain person for a very long time... but somehow, we would always find a way to move forward. Suddenly, the universe will give us exactly what we need to get away from those that have caused us pain, suffering and confusion.

Tuesday, March 14

Time Flies - So How Do You Slow It Down?

Every single New Year, you will see the same comments cropping up on social media. People will lament the passing of time, marvel at how quickly the last year has passed by, and proclaim a desire to slow down time. It’s the time when a parent posts a picture of their child about to embark on a new term of school, the refrain doesn’t miss a beat: “how do I slow down time?!”

Saturday, March 4

The Unknown: Life In Black and White

I know. It's been a long time since I posted something personal and sensible on this blog. There were many factors that contributed to my decision of choosing to lie low on my social media accounts as well as on my blogging sites. Well, the past few months (last quarter of 2016 and first month of 2017) were quite shaky for me. I knew I needed to take some time off to think about what's going on with my life and to reprogram myself so I became virtually invisible.