Starbucks Brings Coffee Experience Bar in Davao

Starbucks Philippines is unstoppable. The latest grand move made by this top player in the country's coffee industry is the opening of the F. Torres branch in Davao. It is the fourth branch and the only stand-alone store of Starbucks in the city.

It has a Coffee Experience Bar.

Taking the coffee experience to a whole new level is the opening of Starbucks along F. Torres street in Davao City. What makes this new branch interesting is that it has a Coffee Experience Bar where baristas demonstrate how different brewing methods can have surprising effects on the flavor of coffee. 

According to Keith Cole, the Marketing Head for Starbucks Philippines:
"Our newest store in Davao City fully showcases our passionand experience in coffee. Now with the unique CoffeeExperience Bar, we can share our passion with those who want to learn more about the different brewing methods that bring out different flavors of the coffee."

There are 9 coffee masters assigned in this branch.

This  branch has nine Starbucks Global Coffee Masters who are happy to serve customers at the Coffee Experience Bar. Upon ordering, customers can choose from different brewing methods for their cup such as Siphon, Pour-Over and Chemex. 

You can enjoy watching these coffee masters make the coffee in a bar that looks like a chic chemistry lab. Talk to them and try the Starbucks brewing methods and decide which you prefer the most. With these in your arsenal, experiencing coffee will never be the same.

It has a lovely interior.

Well, there's nothing much to say here. I'll let these photos do the talking..

This is the first stand alone store in Davao city.

The three other branches of Starbucks in Davao are located inside three malls namely SM Lanang Premier, SM City Ecoland and Abreeza Ayala Mall. This means that before you can get your favorite Starbucks drinks, you need to go inside the malls which will take so much time especially if you still need to park your car. However, with the 4th branch of Starbucks strategically placed at the heart of Davao city, everything is made easier. The F. Torres branch is definitely a perfect place for people who are always on the go.

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 7AM to 1AM
  • Sunday: 7AM to 1AM
  • Friday to Saturday: 7AM to 2AM

This is the first Starbucks Coffee Forward branch in Mindanao.

The newest Starbucks store in Davao is actually the first Coffee Forward branch in Mindanao. A coffee forward branch is a premium-concept store which offers coffee extracted with Starbucks Reserve coffee beans brewed with diverse extraction devices. This simply means that customers can see live demonstration on how their cup is prepared by the baristas. 

You know, in order to fully understand and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a product, one must experience how it is made. This is exactly how one can truly experience the distinct characteristics of coffee. This is why F. Torres branch is going to be one of your favorite Starbucks store in Davao. 

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