Top 6 Chic Living Tips For Any ‘Minimalist’ Home

If you have been looking for home decoration ideas that are chic, clutter free, and stress-free at the same time, you’ve come to the right place. Not many people know that minimalism home decoration can be chic. Yes, it is possible to live comfortably and aesthetically with ‘less.’  

But the question is ‘How can you go about it?’

A beautiful, chic home with a minimalist theme is one of the most difficult designs. All you have is some skill, restraint, and a bit of creative thinking. The following tips can add elegance and sophistication to your home and there is still plenty you can do from your side.

1.   Don’t Bring Everything You Like Into Your Home

Most of us tend to bring pretty much everything we like – furniture, accessories, and paintings into our home without thinking. The minimalist design we’re talking about is not about removing everything from your home – it’s about taking away excess layers.

2.   De-clutter

Minimalism isn’t about throwing everything from your rooms. However, the main point here is to create an aesthetic living space with less stuff.

Before you redecorate your room, you’ll have to de-clutter. Remove items you no longer need or are useless. Remember that you have to get rid of as many useless items as you can or else, your rooms would look and feel more cluttered.

3.   Think About A Simplified Design

Once you have the essential items in your space, consider how you should go around arranging every object or piece of furniture. Adding items of various shapes and sizes can make your living space a stylish one. For example, couch and sofas in different shapes are always a great pick for your chic living room.

4.   Add Elegant And Luxurious Elements

There’s truly nothing like the addition of luxurious elements to make your home feel sophisticated and elegant. For example, the addition of luxury kitchen faucets can bring authentic luxury to your minimalist kitchen. Check out if you’re in search of licensed plumbers to help you with installations.

5.   Play Attention To Your Color Scheme

You can certainly go with all white walls for a room and add colorful furniture to make the room seem brighter and more energetic. Sometimes an all-white theme can make backfire (white itself is a calming color, however, adding too much white into your living space can trigger feelings of emptiness and isolation).

Add a couple of bright colors in the form of rugs, wall accents, or painting to your rooms. Feel free to play with colors as well as different tones and textures. Yes, you can use various tones and shades of your favorite color for your wall, furniture, and even artwork.

Organizing your wardrobe and your bookshelves according to color is another exciting way to add some chic flair to your home. Regardless of the colors you choose, you should consider coordinating the different color themes as much as possible.

Be careful however, adding too many textures and colors in a small space will make your rooms more chaotic and junky.

6.   Everything Should Pair Together

Apart from de-cluttering your rooms and creating a unique color scheme, you should ensure that everything in your room pairs well together. This means every piece from your couch, sofa in the living room to the tiles and pipes in your bathroom should be in perfect harmony. 

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