Being A Financially Independent Modern Woman

The Importance Of Getting Your House In Order

No, this isn’t a description of your actual dwelling. The phrase “getting your house in order” has to do with the entire spectrum of what defines you financially, residentially, and relationally. Finances can be much more protective than your actual house.

Relationships, meanwhile, are a core component of facilitating true independence. So to understand finances fully, you need to get your mind around this reality. First let’s examine the relationship between capital and debt. You can have both at once; that’s what a loan will do to you.

Oftentimes people have the ability to spend, and so think they’ve got assets, or are making money. In reality, if you have any debt at all, your assets are severely limited. The best way to look at it might be on a number line. Below zero, you’ve gone negative. Above it, you’re in the clear.

To be independent, you need to get in the clear. You need to resolve your debt as expediently as possible. Doing that involves curtailing your spending and working more. Additionally, you could divide the burden of the debt with additional assistance. Be advised, going into partnership with anyone has its own benefits and challenges.

Tangential Benefits

Financial independence is something which is more swiftly facilitated through relationships in business, and this is often true when it comes to personal finance as well.

However, when finances are involved in any relationship, they can act as a strain. It would be foolish to establish a partnership, relationship, or other conjoined effort with another individual solely for the resolution of your own debt. 

That said, many hands make light work. Sometimes debt can be worked off occupationally. You may find an employer willing to help you to resolve your debt more quickly provided you become a more integral quotient of operations. You can also refinance your debt through varying agencies; but these can sometimes only defray the issue.

Residential Sale

If you visit the Debt Academy site, you can find information pertaining to debt, and how to overcome it. One thing you may find yourself considering as you explore debt resolution solutions pertains to selling your residence. If you’ve been paying a mortgage on a home and sell it, what you’ve paid in could ultimately cover your debt.

Selling a note, trust deed, commercial mortgage note, real estate contract, land contract, or mortgaged deed, can get you the funds you require when you taking your mortgage note to market. You can find more here regarding mortgage note sales.

From there, if you begin renting you may be able to gradually build yourself into an independent entity; but that’s going to take time. Another shortcut involves living in an RV for a year or two.

You can get motorhomes for under $5k—it’s a bit of a project to maintain, but you can likely save several thousand annually over rental; and sell the RV when you’re finished. Eventually you’ll have got enough to buy a new home.

The best way to be financially independent is to involve yourself in a close human relationship designed for perpetuity. Split the cost of housing, share expenses, and have security. The argument against this screams “independence!”; but the truth is that sometimes individual freedom is greater with security than uncertainty. Whatever your choice, there are many options open to you today.

Author Bio: Kevin Bennett
Kevin Bennett is a super-connector with who helps businesses with building their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. Kevin frequently writes about the latest advancements in the SaaS world and digital marketing.

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