A Warm Coffee Haven Opens in the Davao City

Drinking coffee has become a part of our lifestyle. In fact some of us cannot even survive a day without drinking one. There is something about coffee that makes us feel relaxed and powerful. On my part, I take coffee to improve my mood and boost my energy. Whenever I fail to get my dose of caffeine for the day, I become cranky. This is why I make it to a point to grab a cup of coffee from the local coffee shops or make one at the comforts of my own home. 

I have a good news for all coffee lovers in Davao city. A brand new coffee corner has opened its doors for dabawenyos. What's even better is that they are completely affordable, with a cup of coffee for as low as Php 55 or a hot chocolate drink as low as Php 49. It's quite surprising how they can serve us our favorite beverages at a low price without compromising the quality of the drinks or the look of the coffee shop. Check the rest of the article to learn more about Johann Coffee Corner.

This new coffee corner in the city is a franchise of Johann Coffee and Beverages. The company believes that everyone deserves to indulge in his own beverage masterpiece to experience comfort, excitement and bliss. Johann Coffee Corner serves perfectly good coffee with variety of offerings and cozy interiors. All these reflect what it really is: a simple yet warm coffee haven that is open to people from all walks of life, whatever their story may be.

The sweet treats served at Johann Coffee Corner are exclusively baked by the owner itself and its head barrista. They do not have a supplier for their own cakes or cupcakes. You can expect that all the sweets are certainly made with passion and love. These cupcakes above were given for free to the customers who visit the coffee corner on its grand opening day.

The owner of Johann Coffee Corner knows that dabawenyos really love to it. We go to coffee shops not only to get our caffeine fix but also to satisfy our cravings for good food. This is why they started offering pasta dishes for everyone to enjoy. For me, the Carbonara Pasta tastes better than the Spaghetti Bolognese. Try it for yourself and tell me which is your favorite between the two!

For those who are not pasta lovers, do not worry because this coffee haven also serves Bacon and Egg with Cheese Sandwich. It is served with a handful of tasty fries on the side. This is perfect for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a quick lunch.

Click here to check the menu.

What I really like about Johann Coffee Corner is the affirmation it places in every cup. Do not be surprised to see words like "You're lovely," "You're beautiful," "Today is a good day," and other comforting words written on your cup of coffee. This new coffee haven in Davao will definitely make every dabawenyo smile.

Johann Coffee and Beverages

Operating Hours: Daily (8AM to 11PM)
Contact number: (082) 225 2067
Facebook page:
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