3 Tips To Help Your Best Friend Have The Perfect Wedding Day

Is your best friend about to tie the knot? Think about all the ways you can participate in the organization for the big day. Not only can you help her prepare for this amazing life event, you’ll also need to get ready for the big day yourself. 

But the job doesn’t end there. You can do a lot during the wedding celebration to ensure your friend enjoys every moment of it. Let’s take a look at some wonderful tips to help you help your best friend during her special day and after.

1. Be Available To Hold The Bride’s Dress When She Has To Go To The Bathroom

This important job is something that only women can understand. You have to be available to help the bride by holding her dress when she has to go to the bathroom. This is a big responsibility and one that you should take seriously. You do not want the bride to be stuck without assistance, feeling frustrated when she should be over the moon. Or what’s worst, you don’t want her to ruin the wedding dress trying to put it back on herself and avoiding taking pictures throughout the celebration. 

2. Make Sure She Doesn’t Get Out Of Control And Drink Too Much On Her Wedding Day

A wedding is obviously a time for celebration and the bride certainly deserves to have a few drinks on her big day. But she does not need to get so inebriated that she makes a fool out of herself. After spending so much time planning the perfect wedding, it would be a real shame if she were to mess it up by getting way too drunk and out of hand.

So, do your best to keep an eye on the bride throughout the wedding reception. It may seem like overkill, but the bride will thank you. Sure, she’l want to be the talk of the town but not in that sense.

3. Help The Bride And Groom Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

After they finally tie the knot, the newly minted bride and groom will want to be whisked away to the perfect honeymoon vacation destination. Some happy couples enjoy spending time on the beach and feel it’s the perfect place to go to get away from it all. Staying at Princess Bayside in Ocean City is an excellent option. Or they may want to go to beaches in Florida, Hawaii, or the Caribbean. Talk it over with the bride and groom and find out which location they’re interested in the most.

Soon to be married couples need to think about their budget while planning their honeymoon getaway. Sometimes it’s better to stay as close to home as possible if money is a factor. So even though you may want to spend time in the Bahamas or really expensive hotels in the Caribbean or even Europe, keep in mind that honeymoons are expensive and remind the bride and groom that it’s okay to take their first trip as a married couple to one of the local vacation destination hotspots instead.


Please use these expert tips to help your best friend plan ahead for her big day and her life afterward. She’ll be so happy to know that she can count on you during this stressful time in her life.

Author Bio: Pat Sava
Pat Sava is a super-connector with who helps businesses with building their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. Pat frequently writes about the latest advancements in the SaaS world and digital marketing.

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