Tips for Success in a Law School

Are you thinking about becoming a law student or have you just enrolled in a law school? You may have heard from former students how hard law school is and it has made you insecure. If you go in with this mentality, you will have a harder time than usual.

Here are some tips that will come in handy if you want to succeed in law school:


You will need to read a lot of books for your assigned courses. So, if you fall behind, catching up will be a nightmare. To avoid this, you need to read when you are most alert.

You should also choose a quiet and peaceful location to do your reading as to avoid distractions. Otherwise, it will take you much longer to prepare for your classes.

Brief the cases

It’s going to save you a lot of time in the long run if you take notes as you read. Write down the facts that are legally significant for every assigned case. This is also referred to as briefing cases in legal terms and those briefing notes need to be short.

Review before Classes

It’s essential that you review your notes before attending each class. This way, the cases will be fresh on your mind, increasing your ability to understand the material and actively participate in class. Moreover, it will save you from embarrassment if the professor calls for your opinion in the middle of the class.

Attend All Classes

During class, some professors will usually cover new material, which is either not thoroughly elaborated in the books or the books don’t even mention it. 

Therefore, if the logic behind you skipping class is that you’ve read all the material, you will be at a major disadvantage. What’s more, when you miss more than 20 percent of your course sessions, you will receive an FW, which is an F.

Pay Attention during Class

There are students who consider class time as ideal time to disrupt the class or browse the internet. However, since you will pay a serious amount of money for your tuition, you should pay serious attention during class. Do you really want to be one those people who failed because you were playing games in class?

If you have a short attention span and cannot sit still for the whole lecture, you should try to engage yourself by asking questions, answering professor’s questions or participating in debates. Class participation will help you learn faster and understand better as you will be actively engaged in the learning process.

Take Class Notes

Taking notes is an important learning tool as it will help you remember the key points. However, you should not be so consumed in taking down notes that you forget to participate in class. 

Before starting your next reading assignment, you should go over your class notes to analyze how that lecture correlates with the new cases.

Prepare an Outline for Each Class
Commercial outlines or those written by senior students cannot substitute your own. The analysis that goes into preparing your own course outline will help you figure out how certain rules apply to the course. Skipping this step might result in a poor understanding of the subject matter.

You should not wait for an assigned reading to prepare your course outline. In fact, you need to make it before.

Form a Study Group

Any student will tell you that study groups are a very valuable learning tool. When discussing course material with your classmates, your retention and understanding of that material will increase. If you decide to form a study group, make sure to find students who have similar academic goals to yours.

Get Help When Necessary

If you fail to understand a certain concept during class, don’t be afraid to ask for help from professors and fellow students. According to the owner of the Los Angeles, CA - The Doan Law Firm, P.C., asking for help is one of the reasons why the firm exists now.

This article was written by a guest author.

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