Sunday, July 30

The Multivitamin Brand For Every Busy Bee

There you go. Ian Veneracion is the newest brand ambassador of Conzace. He is definitely the epitome of superior immunity and good looks, as he exudes a composed confidence and stays free from sickness despite his busy schedule.

UNILAB Welcomes Ian Veneracion

United Laboratories, Inc. (UNILAB) officially welcomes multifaceted celebrity Ian Veneracion as the newest addition to their roster of brand ambassadors. Veneracion, who currently stars as the male lead in ABS-CBN’s primetime show ‘A Love to Last,’ has been chosen to advocate for Conzace, the number one prescribed brand for multivitamin plus minerals by general practitioners and dermatologists in the country.
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Saturday, July 29

One DDI: A Year After The Fresh Start

"I trusted the magic of new beginnings."

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Saturday, July 22

Full Cup Flavor: The Buzz About Pennsylvania’s Newest Coffee Roaster

Today’s article is about Full Cup Flavor, a new specialty coffee roaster in Pennsylvania that focuses on providing the finest specialty coffee from around the world and offering clients an awesome educational experience. An in-the-know friend connected me to these two entrepreneurs, explaining how I just had to drop everything and schedule a coffee cupping.

A what?

So let’s back up a second. I love coffee. I prefer to drink mine as is, with no cream or sugar, and I consume copious amounts of it throughout every single day. It wasn’t until I was in college that I really started to drink coffee on a regular basis. Maybe it was those late nights followed by 8 AM classes, but somehow, I got hooked on the dark brown drink. Since then, I’ve been drinking coffee nonstop, but I recently realized how little I knew about the process. How are coffee beans grown? How do roasting times, temperatures and techniques change the flavor of the end result? What the heck is a Chemex and should I be using it?
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Thursday, July 13

Tips for Success in a Law School

Are you thinking about becoming a law student or have you just enrolled in a law school? You may have heard from former students how hard law school is and it has made you insecure. If you go in with this mentality, you will have a harder time than usual.
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Wednesday, July 12

One Hope Project: "I Was In Prison and You Came To Visit Me"

There is always that fear, doubt and uneasiness whenever one is surrounded by a prisoner. The stigma is undeniably present. I believe that it is natural for human beings to be afraid of someone who gone into prison. Of course, the first question would be "What did this prisoner do to that led him in jail?" Some other questions would pop into our minds such as "Is she a bad person?", "Did she hurt someone?", "Why is she imprisoned?" or "Will she hurt me?". However, I would also like to believe that there is a second chance for these individuals, that they can still change and that their lives can become better someday.

The truth is we cannot undo what they have done. We cannot control the consequences of their actions in the past. BUT WE CAN CERTAINLY CHANGE THEIR LIVES. We can give them more hope. We can make them feel that there is still a chance for them to turn around their lives and start doing something great. We can make them believe that life is still beautiful and it's not too late for them to make a turn around of their lives. 

For this reason, I have chosen to visit again the women detainees of the Davao City Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) this coming August The facility is now called "GK Ray of Hope Village" which houses female inmates. With the initiative from Gawad Kalinga and the Government of Davao, a humane and hopeful environment within a penal institution was created.

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