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What do you do do when a plan gets canceled at the last minute? Perhaps you try making new plans, or perhaps you just stay at home wondering why things went bad. We often associate weekend entertainment with going out with friends or partying. But what if we tell you that staying at home can be as entertaining too? Here are some things you can do to feel like nothing is lost even when you are stuck indoors on a weekend:

1. Watch YouTube Videos: YouTube has a number of videos on almost any topic you can imagine. So just plug in and start playing. If the idea of staying in is not appealing to you yet, play a couple of cute animal videos!

2. Reread an old favorite: An old favorite will bring up the memories, and fun! Reread a book that you have loved for as long as you can remember and time will fly by.

3. Run a bubble bath: A relaxing bubble bath can be the answer to all your problems if you let it. Pair it up with some bingo jackpot games and you’ve got yourself a fun filled evening.

4. Watch a TED Talk: Watch a TED Talk on a subject or topic you are passionate about and it is bound to inspire you.

5. Write in your journal: You can record the day’s happenings or write an elaborate account of your emotions. Whatever you choose to write about, you will come back with more clarity than you had in the first place.

6. Figure out if you can earn some cash from your hobby: There are several things that you can earn some extra cash doing. You can even try opening an Etsy shop if you think you can sell something you have made!

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