Exciting Baby Showers

Summer is the perfect season for parties, get-togethers and events. It is the time of the year when organizing events is easy considering the fact that Mr. Sun is always around. There will be no problems about the weather condition. Thus, outdoor parties are made possible. Aside from this, it's also easy to invite people during summer. The reason behind this is because they have more extra time allotted to engage in leisure activities  Their minds are conditioned to enjoy quality time with their friends, family members and new acquaintances.

I have been receiving many invites from my friends for their summer parties. Just recently, I attended an amazing 1st birthday celebration of my close friend's daughter. Last week, a law school friend sent an invitation for her first baby shower. Then, yesterday, my blogger friends and I went to Samal Island for a quick but lovely beach outing. We really enjoyed our stay at Paradise Beach Resort. There are also countless upcoming blog events for weeks to come. And yes, I am absolutely excited for this year's summer. These are just some of the proofs that many people plan or organize their events during the summer season.

One of the parties that I really enjoyed was the baby shower. As we all know, the hosts decide what theme to use in their events based on the "reason" of the celebration and "guests" to be invited. These two things are considered well in order to choose the perfect theme for a party. In the baby shower that I recently attended, my friend has chosen a "Nautical-inspired" theme since her husband is a seaman. There were desserts with anchor designs. The major color used in the decorations was blue. Everything looked great. It was as if we were celebrating under the sea.

For my gift, I have decided to give her a stroller. Since we don't know the gender of the baby yet, I made sure to choose a neutral color. Hence, I purchased a black stroller which can be used by a baby boy or a baby girl. Choosing the right gift was quite difficult so I did some researching. I also visited websites like Gift Less Ordinary where I got some ideas on what to give my mommy friend on one of her special days.

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