Why You Need to Throw a Party!

Do you feel that you need a reason to party? If, like most people, you only ever wait until it is your birthday or a special time of year before you throw a good old-fashioned party, you are seriously missing out. 

Throwing a party is easier than you think. You can use Adobe Spark to create free printable party invitations or post on social media. Of course, you have a ready-made excuse if you are turning 30, 40, or your decree absolute came through, but have you considered it is good to party just for the sheer fun of getting together with friends and loved ones? 

Have Fun

The definition of a party in my book is a fun celebration of get-togethers in the company of people we love. Parties can be low-key, manic, or completely out of control, depending on your age, sensibilities, or organizational skills. The important thing is that you and your guests have fun. 

Societal norms tend to dictate that we wait for a legitimate reason before we organize a social event such as a party. But, you really don’t have to wait. Waking up in the morning and feeling glad to be alive is a good enough reason. Missing the company of your best friends is another great reason.

Social Bonding 

Parties are all part of a social bonding process, which explains why music festivals are so popular all over the world. Check out your social media feeds during the summer months: is Facebook and Instagram inundated with photos of your friends having a great time at some festival or other? Do you feel jealous because you missed an awesome time?

If the answer is “yes”, you are not alone. Human beings are social creatures. Most of us crave the company of our fellow humans. We love to spend time together, listening to music, eating, drinking, and relaxing. This type of relaxed behavior reinforces existing social bonds and helps to build new ones. 

Evolutionary Psychology

Research into evolutionary psychology has discovered that moving rhythmically together to music is an ancient bonding exercise. Primitive man made music and held parties as a way of bonding with his fellow man. Moving together to music is a powerful, shared experience that creates a sense of “collective effervescence”. 

Partying with your friends, dancing to great tunes, and having fun are the best ways to sprinkle fairy dust over your life. Even if you wake up the following day with a hangover from hell, you will look back and remember what fun it was dancing to cheesy tunes in the garden or grooving away on the dance floor at your favorite club. 

No Excuses

You really don’t need an excuse to throw a party. Call your friends or message them on Facebook and invite them to a get-together at your place. Buy in some drink, prepare a few snacks, and sort out a playlist of your best tunes. It’s time to party, baby!

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