The Possible Workplace Environments You Could Work in as a Qualified Nurse

If you’re looking to obtain your online nursing degree via an online nursing program such as one Arizona State University offers, you’ll be presented with many career path opportunities. Not only could you find yourself working in a leadership role but you could also end up as a qualified nurse, taking care of patients with several injuries. Your options are endless in the healthcare industry and you’ll also find there are many careers on offer that offer great salaries and career progression opportunities. While there are many sectors in healthcare and different opportunities available, you could also find yourself working in one of the following workplace environments once you have qualified.

Home Health Care 

A lot of nurses end up working for a healthcare agency that provides home care services to old and young patients who need extra help at home. Most of the time, you’ll be working with older patients that aren’t able to care for themselves because of illness or because they suffer from dementia. Usually, you’ll be preparing food, administering medication, helping them stay clean or simply taking them to a local store to help them with a food shop. This job is varied, so it could offer you a good chance to do something different every day.

Physician’s Office

If you’re looking for a role that doesn’t put as much pressure on you as a nurse, you could consider a job in a physician’s office. Your duties will include preparing patients for minor surgery or simply handling paperwork so the physician can concentrate on a more hands-on role. The salaries on offer are often generous and the working hours are usually set so you can still have a social life around work.

Care Home 

Qualified nurses often take on a career in a care home to offer medical services to the elderly or sometimes younger patients with special needs. A care home could be a wonderful place to work if you’re looking for a job that requires you to have a personal approach to your work. Older patients want someone they can have a good relationship with, not someone who they don’t feel comfortable with.

Public Medical Hospitals

There are still jobs available to serve the community. You’ll often be in the emergency room to help with severe injuries, in the maternity ward, or just handling patient paperwork. 

Private Medical Hospitals

48% of nursing jobs are filled in private medical hospitals, so it could be the career with the highest chance of landing a job. The job is varied, depending on your experience. Sometimes you’ll be needed in surgery and other times you’ll be needed in the emergency room or on maternity wards. 
The above workplace settings are just some of the many you’ll have the opportunity of working in if you proceed with a nursing degree. One of the many benefits of obtaining one is that you’ll have the chance to change careers to a different healthcare sector if you don’t feel the career you’re currently in is the right one for you.

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