The Daydream Of Booking A Flight To Australia

Travelling to new places is something that I would never get tired of. I am fond of exploring new cities, experiencing other community’s food culture and meeting new people. There is something in these experiences that make me feel alive. I believe that doing all these things will take all my worries and stressors away. 

Lately, I barely have time to make travel plans. Most of my trips now are spontaneous since I need to focus on my law studies and tasks (as a freelancer). In fact, the real out of the country trip that I took was still last summer. I went to Hong Kong to celebrate my 25th birthday. Of course, I made sure that I could also visit Macau even for a day only. Nowadays, my “instant trips” include going to the beach, visiting nearby cities and going on random road trips.

Every time I look forward to all the travels that I did in the past, I couldn’t help myself but smile. These memories fill my heart with joy and laughter. I also find myself getting giddy and excited whenever I think of the other places (cities and countries) that I want to visit in the future. Mind you there are a lot of them!

For starters, I want to visit Australia. A new found friend of mine is an Australian who has decided to live in the Philippines but still visit his city (Melbourne) every year. According to him, there are so many reasons to fall in love with his country. He usually boasts of the coastal areas and the vast interior desert wilderness found in Australia. 

If only you can hear him talk about the place, you’d surely want to fly right away to this country. I also learned from him that Australians are naturally friendly and hospitable. As he would place it, Australia has an environment that makes it easy for people to build friendship and support. If I get lucky, I might go there for a vacation or live there and own an Australian house and land from Lendlease, who knows? Australia is one of the best places to migrate to as its culture and lifestyle plus the friendly parks and beaches are pretty good. Well, all these are just “daydreams” that I wish to materialise someday. Hopefully, one day, I would be able to take a day off and be on a flight to Melbourne. 

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