My Top Tips To Help You Fall Back In Love With Literature

Reading is one of the greatest pastimes in the world. It’s enjoyable, it’s relaxing, and it lets you escape to new worlds. However, we’re all capable of enduring periods where the motivation to read fades. If you’re currently trapped in that phase, the tips below are just for you.

Incorporate these ideas into your life immediately, and you should rediscover that spark in no time. 

#1. Open Your Mind To New Genres

We all have our go-to genres, and that’s something to be celebrated. But exclusively reading crime/sports/romance books can limit your joy. Sometimes, breaking the norm to try a title that you wouldn’t usually read can be the key to finding that love once more.

If you’re going to read a new genre, though, you need to know that the specific title is a good one. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to join a book swap club. You can learn more about these at Ultimately, if it’s a book that someone else loves, there’s a good chance you will too.

Better still, you can introduce others to your favorites too.

#2. Try Audiobooks

In today’s fast-paced environment, we often don’t get time to read as often as we’d like. There’s nothing worse than becoming hooked after five pages but having to end your session due to time. Meanwhile, finding motivation to read after a particularly tough day can be somewhat challenging too.

You can transform your habits by trying audiobooks. Listening is often a lot easier, and also offers increased versatility when commuting or traveling. Personally, I love listening to books I’ve already read as it gives the story a new lease of life. However, many people enjoy listening to new titles too. Either way, it’s a great addition to your arsenal.

#3. Attend Events For Fellow Reading Enthusiasts

We all need a little added excitement from time to time, especially with regards to our hobbies. Meeting other passionate readers is a great way to do this, and adds a social element. Whether it’s attending live poetry nights, book signings, or groups doesn’t matter. If you’re interacting with literature and reading in a fresh and exciting way, you’ll soon see huge benefits.

In the meantime, you could join an online community to discuss your favorite books and characters. You may also get some pointers for your next purchase too.

#4. Start Writing Too 

Reading is a wonderful pastime that informs, entertains, and encourages creative thinking. However, you can take those aspects to another level by writing your own stories.

Your work might be solely for your eyes, but it’ll still be very therapeutic. However, you could also publish your work and attempt to make it a commercial venture. You can learn about self-publishing at Alternatively, you could try to find a publisher that will distribute the work on your behalf.

After years of reading great works, you know what makes a perfect story. So why not put that knowledge to good use. Even if it doesn’t make any money, it will almost certainly repair your broken relationship with reading.

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