Gambling Addiction among Young Females is on the Rise

Compulsive gambling or addictive gambling is now prominent among young females and it is now a matter of concern for many women players. There are some reasons causing compulsive gambling among and we try to find the best possible reasons for the urge to gamble more among women in this article.

Loneliness and Depression Leads to Compulsive Gambling

Many young women in the UK are addicted to gambling mainly due to loneliness and depression. A recent breakdown or failure in a relationship triggers the women to get into gambling. Most of the women who opt online gambling mainly gamble in order to get rid of how they feel about the pain. A number of women gamblers are heavily addicted to online gambling these days.

Psychological and Mental Disorders Can Lead to Problem Gambling

If young women have mental disorders in the form of kleptomania, anxiety, fear, mood swings and other personality disorders may end up getting into compulsive gambling. A person who is suffering from a disorder would like to get into something, which is profitable and entertaining, and hence, many women prefer online gambling.

Heavy Financial Losses in Business or Lost a Job

Another important factor contributing to addictive gambling in women is due to the fact of a heavy loss in the business or lost a job. A woman who is in financial ruin just wants to recover money by playing some gambling tricks and multiply the little leftover causing a deep desire for gambling.

 Influence of a Friend or Family Member
Gambling problem may or may not be related to you involved in the gamble. Sometimes, it can be passed to you by your family member or a friend who is facing problems with gambling. It may start with smaller amounts of betting initially, however, if you are not controlling to gamble and it is going out of control then you will land up in a situation of excessive gambling.

Not Consulting a Doctor or a Psychiatrist
Many young women in the UK in their early stages of gambling addiction do not consult a doctor or psychiatrist and they continue with their uncontrollable gambling habits. To make things worse, many women increase their betting amounts because of the excessive losses in the earlier betting games and later, find themselves in a tricky situation, as they are not able to come out of the gambling addiction.
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There can be several reasons for getting into problem gambling. It is hard to analyse the exact reasons for women getting into problem gambling. However, some of the common reasons include influence from friends, losses in the business, not consulting doctor in early stages and a few others.

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