Euphoria Came Together With The Moon

When 2017 came, things started to get better.

It always amazes me how fast everything can change in an instant. Sometimes, with a blink of an eye or a flick of a hand, everything in our lives can turn upside down. There are moments when we thought that we would get stuck at a particular situation or with a certain person for a very long time... but somehow, we would always find a way to move forward. Suddenly, the universe will give us exactly what we need to get away from those that have caused us pain, suffering and confusion.

I guess that is just how the universe works for the better. We are not supposed to stay in the same place or situation forever. We need to keep moving. We need to leap ahead.

When the new year came, I promised myself that I would make some changes. I didn't know back then how I would get away from the bad 2016 of my life. All I knew was that there was a drive inside of me. This drive wants me to stop looking backwards. Instead of spending days and nights blaming myself for all the things that have gone wrong, I started believing that good things are about to come. And so, they came my way.

The Moon came and it brought happiness in my life. I'm just glad that in this crazy and messy world, I have the Moon to make me feel safe and at peace. It was unexpected. Since the day we met, everything has become magical. My time has come to finally rest from instability and ambiguity. There is no certainty as to how our story will unfold or end, and it's okay. All that matters is that I have the moon and I'm happier than I was last year. Indeed, things have changed. My life has turned upside down and I never felt this euphoric. 

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