Ensure Your Writing Is Seen By Publishers With These Tips

A lot of us love to write. But the idea of getting our novel published can feel impossible. For one thing, we are one small fish in the big sea of amazing writers. And even getting our work to be seen by agents and publishers can feel like an impossible dream. But in the modern world, there are some new ways to get our work in the view of top publishers. In fact, here are some tips to ensure your writing is seen by publishers.      

Ensure your submission is spot on and sent to the right person

With most publishers being online nowadays, it has made sending our submission off a lot easier. After all, you can just attach it and then send it away without having to do a ton of printing. But to ensure your writing is actually considered, you need to make sure the submission is top notch. Read their guidelines first, so that you follow their rules. After all, it’s going to make yours go to the bottom of the pile if you have ignored some of the top rules. And then you need to make sure your synopsis and cover letter are of great quality. Also, a lot of people make an error by sending off their submission to a general publisher. But if you want to give your work a chance, you need to read up about the individual publishers who work at the company. After all, you might have wasted your chance if you send it to someone who isn’t looking for that type of novel. Therefore, use the internet to your advantage and research about different publishers.

Work on your online presence

Online has brought a wealth of opportunities to wannabe authors. And a lot of agents and publishers scour sites to look for potential talent. Therefore, if you want your writing to be seen, you need to start working on your online presence. For one thing, you need to create a blog and make sure you keep it updated. Try and get as many followers as possible and get them to share your blog. After all, it might end up in front of a potential publisher. Also, it’s a good idea to write books for platforms like Wattpad. After all, it gives you an opportunity to show off your potential. And you can make it professional by doing things like making a cover for your novel via Wattpad covers maker. A lot of people are spotted through these platforms, so it’s worth getting involved to boost your chances.

Release your work yourself

A lot of people are opting to publish their novels themselves. After all, you can make money from doing this. And not only this, but it could potentially be seen by a publisher or agent who will then get in touch about your other novels. The easiest way to release work is via selling it online as an e-book. After all, it keeps costs low for you but ensures a wealth of people worldwide can download your novel. Just make sure it’s up to scratch before releasing the book. And you can read my previous blog for how you can sell e-books and make money from it.

And it’s often down to the writing when you don’t get published. So make sure you get your story to a good quality before you try and go down the publishing route.

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