Wednesday, February 22

The Daydream Of Booking A Flight To Australia

Travelling to new places is something that I would never get tired of. I am fond of exploring new cities, experiencing other community’s food culture and meeting new people. There is something in these experiences that make me feel alive. I believe that doing all these things will take all my worries and stressors away. 

Lately, I barely have time to make travel plans. Most of my trips now are spontaneous since I need to focus on my law studies and tasks (as a freelancer). In fact, the real out of the country trip that I took was still last summer. I went to Hong Kong to celebrate my 25th birthday. Of course, I made sure that I could also visit Macau even for a day only. Nowadays, my “instant trips” include going to the beach, visiting nearby cities and going on random road trips.
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Tuesday, February 21

Self-Help Saviors For When Life Gets Too Much

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you can’t cope? You want to scream or shout, bang your fists on the table or let all your emotions loose and have an hour-long crying session. If you do, you’re not abnormal. In fact, you’re perfectly normal. Many of us have very hectic and demanding lives. If we’re not working, we’re studying, trying to navigate our way through crowds of commuters or caring for children or family members. The nature of modern life means that often, we get to a point where it’s all too much. If you’re familiar with this feeling, these self-help saviors should come in handy. Here are some tips to help you cope with your emotions and find positivity in difficult situations. 

Thursday, February 16

Three Survival Tips for Moving Into Your Second Year Student House

After living in student accommodation with flat mates that you’d never known a day in your life before going to university, it’s always nice to get together with a group of solid friends and move into a house together for the second (and maybe even third) year of your studies.

In general, students in the UK tend to move into a shared student house after completing their first year of studies, since they’ve found people who they’d rather live with and are more familiar with the area and campus. In addition, moving to a student house instead of staying in halls can be a cheaper experience all round. If you’ve found the perfect student house for you, here are our survival tips for moving in. 

Tip #1. Pool Your Resources:

Let’s face it – you’re probably not going to want or even need the pots, pans and other kitchen items that you use at uni once you’ve graduated, particularly if you’re moving back to your family home at the end of your degree. It’s well worth considering asking your housemates if they’re OK to share – or pitch in for new kitchen items and bathroom essentials if needed. This way, you can avoid arguments about using each other’s plates and pans and avoid having seven different spatulas in your utensil drawer. 

Tip #2. Have Your Own Space:

Whilst not many people are going to be averse to saving money by pitching in for cheap communal pots and pans, there are some things that you just won’t want to share – like your food. Sadly, many student houses come equipped with white goods that simply aren’t good enough for three or more independent adult people who all want to eat different things for dinner every day. 

Of course, you could save food space by all chipping in for ingredients and making a meal that everyone will enjoy, but it might be worth investing in something extra. For example, the minifridge from VonShef could be useful to have in your room to avoid arguments over why you’re taking up so much space in the already tiny fridge – it has all the essentials from a larger fridge, such as an ice maker, which your larger shared fridge might not have.  Although the minifridge from Vonshef may sound small, it actually has 41 litres of space so you can easily fit plenty of drinks and snacks, allowing you to have maximum independence with your food.

Tip #3. Get Your Bills in Order:

Although an increasing number of student landlords will offer bills included with the rent, there are still several student houses where you’re required to sign up and pay for utilities yourself. For many students, this is better since it allows them full control on which broadband company to go with or allowing them to switch to a cheaper gas and electric provider to save money. There are services that you can use to find utilities for you and ensure that everybody pays their fair share, however, be aware that you’re usually required to pay a small fee each month for the convenience. If you’d rather save as much money as possible for student parties instead, consider asking the wisest and most responsible housemate to set up all the bills in their name and set up standing orders for your share into their account. 

Moving into your first proper student house can be stressful if you’re unsure what you’re doing! We hope these tips help you enjoy the big move. 

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How to Make an Espresso Swirl Cake

Friday, February 3

How to Make an Espresso Swirl Cake

Hands up how many people love coffee? Now hands up if you also love cake? Now imagine if you could make a dessert that combines your two favourite things. Heaven right?

Introducing the Espresso Swirl cake – a fun marble effect cake with a lovely hint of coffee. It’s really easy to make and doesn’t require any obscure ingredients.

Below you will find the full recipe followed by a few serving suggestions to give you some inspiration for your next dessert!
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