Planning a Road Trip on the Cheap

Tuesday, December 20

Planning a Road Trip on the Cheap

Everyone needs a vacation every once in a while to escape the drudgery of work and reconnect with family and friends. One of the best ways to unplug is to hit the road and go on an adventure.

The trouble is, a road trip can cost a lot of money.

It doesn’t have to! You just have to know how to plan your road trip on the cheap. Here are a few ideas for doing just that.
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Tuesday, December 13

Changing Perceptions

Have you ever wondered what your favorite book says about you? No? Just me then. But a lot is made of the fact that our taste in music, films, literature reflects our “true” selves. A typical example is the person who loves Marvel comics, enjoys Star Wars, and reads Asimov. Nerds, right? Hardly. It’s a shame that we constantly judge others on their taste and think that we make a quick psych assessment, but it made me think about those books that have a certain image attached to it and whether that’s even true of the “typical” reader of that book. Still with me? Let me explain…
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