Outdoor Furniture: How to Choose the Right Design and Material

There are many furniture options and designs that can fit almost any budget in the market. So, to maximise the comfort and function of your outdoor spaces, you need luxury garden furniture that reflects your personality and depth. Before purchasing any items for your garden, make sure to weigh varied materials and designs to help you enjoy comfort and function of your outdoor space. Many brands like Unopiu provide unique designer outdoor furniture that can guarantee comfortability, style and quality at the same time. 

Here are the tips and ideas to help you choose the right design and the right material to bring comfort and function to your outdoor spaces.

Understand the function and style

How do you want the outdoor space to look like? What function or purpose do you want it for? Create a list of what you want to include, and the functions of the outdoor space to act as your buying guide. For instance, if the main function is to host casual evening drinks with family and friends, then you need not to add dining table to the space, instead, go for more comfortable seating and a few side tables. 

Easy care and storage

When you purchase an easy-care outdoor furniture, you will have more hours for enjoying your space as opposed maintaining the patio furniture. Look for materials that are all-weather to help make your outdoor look wonderful for years. Besides, to add years to the life of your outdoor furniture, you must store them in a protected location. With a limited storage location, look for furniture that can easily fit a small space.

Size and shape

The size and shape are both important when it comes to the design of any patio furniture. If you want a full dinning setting, then it should consider a larger and wider piece. However, if narrow and small, look for other options.

Quality and colour

When you are shopping for outdoor furniture, do not assume that you can bet quality with price. Because that is not always the case.  If you need an excellent quality furniture consider: 

 • Finish consistency
 • Tight and well-fitted joints
 • The return and exchange policy of the retailer

Like indoor counterpart, outdoor living spaces, are greatly enhanced with unique colours. Personal preference, home theme and style reign supreme when choosing colour palettes. Select what works best for you, your family and your home. 

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