5 Best Beaches in the Philippines

If there’s one thing that Philippines is known for, it’s her pristine beaches. With more than 7000 islands, it’s no wonder why the country has so many beautiful coastline locations all worthy to be explored. The long and wide sparkly sand expanse hemmed in by turquoise waters, and shorelines lined up with shade-giving palm trees are just few of the gorgeous beach scenes available in the country. 

Although, with the number of existing beaches to choose from, it’s definitely hard to pick which ones you’ll journey to first. To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up the top 5 Philippine beaches that you should definitely check out first.

5. Bantayan Island, Cebu

At number 5 is Bantayan Island, located at the northern tip of Cebu, a province in Visayas.

It is one of those island destinations were the waters perfectly complement the azure skies. The wide open sea sets the perfect location for a day basking in the sun. The island is fringed with white fine sand, ideal for barefoot walks and other fun, coastline activities.

4. Pamilacan Island, Panglao, Bohol

Located in the Central Visayas Region is our entry for number 4: Pamilacan, an island in the north Bohol Sea.

The beaches feature clear waters and long white sands with a breathtaking backdrop of lofty coconut trees. The island has gained status as one of the top travel destination in the Philippines. It has stunning coral reef displays, dive spots, and dolphin and whale-watching tours. The serenity enveloping the place make Pamilacan a sought after island escape by people who wants to experience both tranquility and fun in their travel.

3. Siargao Island

The whites, greens, and blues of the island of Siargao is a visual feast for anyone who sets foot in this island paradise, and this is why it’s number 3 in our list.

Siargao Island is the surfing capital in the island of Mindanao and one of the best in the entire country.  This teardrop-shaped island in the Philippines is a haven for surfing enthusiasts; the impressively towering waves have garnered international acclaim. Siargao is not all about surfing though. If you wish to have a quiet retreat and spend time away from the crowd, you’ll find solace in its nearby inhabited islets.

2. Boracay, Aklan

At number 2, another widely known beach gem in the Philippines: Boracay or, otherwise referred to by many as, the benchmark of other beaches’ exquisiteness. 

This island has been captivating hearts of tourists for years. It has not only made headlines locally, but has been (and still is) creating a buzz internationally as one of the best beaches in the world. Walk the entire length of the long, wide sand expanse barefoot. Take in the island’s striking view. Breath in that fresh salty breeze. You’ll surely love everything in Boracay.

1. El Nido, Palawan

Dominating the list of the top 5 Philippine beaches is El Nido, Palawan. 

The island is known to have the best beaches in country and thus, has become a popular destination for some tropical vacations. Crystal clear waters, long stretches of fine powdery sands, and towering limestone karsts all add up to a postcard-perfect backdrop. The waters of the island are so vivid that at some point they almost look unreal. A trip here will guarantee you an amazing and unforgettable memory.

Clearly, the Philippines has more than just these 5 alluring beaches to offer. Whether it’s fine sand or rocky beachfronts that you’re after, you’ll definitely get your choice of shoreline in the country. Also, wherever you might be in the Philippines, you will surely stumble upon a coastline that offers the same peace and beauty like the ones included on this list. Indeed, nature has blessed this archipelago with beauty beyond belief.


About the author: Carmela Alvarez is an editor/customer service representative of 'Let's Palawan'. She's a 20-something bubbly and adventurous female who loves to take selfies. Her aim is to share her travel experience and inspire fellow travellers.

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