How to Organize Your Own Local Book and Coffee Day

Humans are gregarious creatures and most of us like nothing better than getting together to share news, express our ideas and just take an interest in our fellows. For those who enjoy books, an event that combines talking about books with refreshments on tap is a sure winner.

There is nothing better than books.

Books can inspire new ideas, awaken old favorites and set you on a path that takes you who knows where. This is why, for book lovers, there is simply nothing better than settling down with a good book, unless that is talking about books with other bookworms of course. But organizing a local book and coffee day can be a challenge, so how do you go about it?

The first step is to work out who will be invited to the event. You should begin by asking friends and family who may be interested whether they would like to attend. If so, you could ask if they would like to invite any of their acquaintances. It is important, however, that everyone who is invited is interested in discussing a book over a coffee. You do not want anyone who will not engage with the discussion.

Once you have exhausted your own network, you will need to look at ways to spread the word further. For this, you are going to need to engage in some marketing that is easily distributable. Therefore, you may want to use printed flyers that can be put in people’s mailboxes, posters that can be put up in high traffic locations, or printable stickers that can be attached to a wide range of materials. All you need to do is find a company, either local or online that will print stickers for you.

You will need to choose a suitable venue, ideally one that is central to the majority of people who will be attending and one that has good parking facilities. You will also need to decide on the time of the event; your attendees will determine this. For example, if the majority has a day job, a book and coffee day that begins at 10am is not going to be good for them. But if, of course, you are planning to hold it on a weekend, then this will probably not be a factor.

Then there is the choice of book. Do you want to choose a title that will appeal to the majority of readers, or do you want to choose a book that will challenge them because it is a more obscure title? Again, you need to consider your attendees to determine which is the best way forward, but be aware that a challenging book may open up the discussion a whole lot more. After the first book and coffee day, you could start asking your attendees to suggest titles for discussion.

A book and coffee day is a great way to meet other people who share the same interests as you and also as a means to expose yourself to books that you may not otherwise considering reading.

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