50 Thoughts and Questions at 2AM

There is something terribly wrong with my body clock. Lately, I have been sleeping at around two or three in the morning. I know it is completely unhealthy. I wish there is something that I can do to change this. Well, in the meantime, since I can't sleep again (after three hours of trying), I decided to turn my laptop on and update my blog. In this article, allow me to list some of my late night thoughts and questions as of the moment. 


1. Ugh, I want to drink right now.

2. Why do I love cakes so much?

3. Just because someone drinks too much doesn't mean he or she is a bad person.

4. Weddings - I love them. Seeing wedding ideas on Pinterest lights up my soul. But marriage? The thought of it frightens me a lot. I know some of people getting divorce, annulment or legal separation. What if the same thing happens to me? 

5. Do I really want to be in a relationship? 

6. Can someone handle me? 

7. I want something new.

8. What went wrong? Why did I become the person that I am today? 

9. What do I really want in this life? 

10. When will I start trusting someone? It's so difficult to believe again after being exposed to lies and pretensions. So forgive me if I always wonder whether what you are doing or saying is true.

11. I want to get my own place. Am I ready? Am I capable? 

12. How to Be Single (2016 movie).

13. Plan to exhibit the paintings by Artist Guild of Ray of Hope Village. I can't wait to get the art works and sell them to my friends. The detainees at the Davao Women City Jail showed me the possibility of reformation. Some people deserve second chances.

14. When will I stop answering his calls or messages?

15. Why is it taking too long for me to actually make my dream a reality?

16. Drop Dead Diva tv series is my source of happiness lately.

17. We live in a society where men can do crazy things and it will be okay but if women do the same shit, they will be judged for it. #StopSlutShaming

18. I love my dog so much. She will be celebrating her 3rd birthday this coming Saturday.

19. I love law school. I can't wait to become a lawyer, no matter how long it takes.

20. Why do people cheat? If you truly love someone, why would you do something that can hurt the other person? Stop the bullshit of differentiating loyalty from faithfulness. 

21. I'm new at Snapchat. I must say "shame on me for joining the bandwagon late." HAHAHA

22. Follow me: @asuijuris.

23. I tweet a lot these days. 

24. I miss him. 

25. I want to see my best friend in law school asap.

26. I just want to be happy... without stepping on anyone.

27. I need to go to the beach.

28. Why did I drink three cups of coffee today?

29. You're starting to think I'm crazy, right?

30. What do people think about me? Whenever they see me, what comes first to their minds? Is it good or bad? And why do I even care?

31. Infinity x semi-colon tattoo.

32. Chick flick movies.

33. I keep on saying that I'm strong and independent. It's the truth. However, there are days when I need some saving.

34. I'm really excited for the new season of Suits. Fast forward the days, please. 

35. OHMYGOSH. I'm already 25 years old.

36. I still don't know how to cook.

37. But at least, I can bake. Or prepare home-made ice cream.

38. Steaks! 

39. I also want to give up drinking. And I'm sure it's not gonna happen for the next three years.

40. I wish I was smarter.

41. I wish I never wasted an opportunity last year.

42. I miss working. I miss writing law-related or legal articles. My contract on Upwork is currently paused by a client due to some business matters. 

43. I crave smart and sensible conversations. 

44. Maybe I'm just in love with the idea of you.

45. It's time to make better choices and wiser decisions. When will I stop making the wrong ones?

46. Three of my exes are already happily married right now. This reminds me of the movie "Good Luck Chuck." Okay, is there really something wrong with me?

47. Do you have answer/s to any of the questions above? Please let me know. You can comment on this post, dm me on Twitter or send me an email.

48. I hope there is a silver lining to every bad thing that has happened in my life.

49. I deserve better.

50. Okay, I'm still not sleepy. It's already 2 AM. 

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  1. I miss him on the wee hour of the day too. Like yesterday, I suddenly woke up at 1am and then at 2:20am and glanced on my phone hoping for some text or call from him... like I used to. Sad. But I have to accept the fact that I can never have him back.


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