Saturday, January 16

What You Need To Read Right Now

We all have those moments when we feel like everything is just too difficult to handle. There are days when we start to question why we needed to experience sufferings and pain when we have done nothing but show our love, compassion and care for the people surrounding us. We start to wonder why our prayers were unheard and why we couldn't get the things we thought we deserve. For these moments, always remember what Paulo Coelho wrote in his book - The Manuscript Found in Accra. I found comfort in his words and I hope that you do too. After re-reading it, I felt happier. I was able to see the different perspective of why I had to fall down sometimes. Now, I feel so much better and I'm on the right track again.
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Tuesday, January 12

A Sigh of Bliss: Timing Is Everything

We all deserve a coffee break. As I enjoy the moment of solitude, I find myself writing this down on my journal:
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