Tomorrow Could Be Different -- This Keeps Me Going, How About You?

There will come a time in your life when you would think that "it" is no longer worth it. You know from the bottom of your heart that it is something that you've always wanted. You wanted it so bad that you were once willing to do whatever it takes to get it, to have a taste of it and to finally succeed. Then, something happens and all your hopes start to crumble down. It would seem like no matter what you do or how hard you try, you'll always "get stuck". Sad as it may sound but sure, shit happens.

In moments of struggle and depression, quitting seems like the best solution. It just sounds right and liberating. Nonetheless, one must know when to quit and when to take a break. When you speak of quitting, it means a complete stop, a termination, an end. On the other hand, "taking a break" means getting the "short pause" that you need. The former is the easy way out but it doesn't really guarantee absolute happiness so you gotta think things through. The latter is quite okay, except that it requires a lot of "convincing yourself" to take only a momentary recess and get back on track when you feel that the time is right.

We may find ourselves in the crossroads of quitting and going on. Should we stop? Or should we just take a break? The idea of running away and never coming back sounds a good idea but is it really that great? I mean, what if it's the wrong choice? What if we are just tired and we simply need a rest? What if we just need more time to feel okay? 

Things can become exhausting and draining. Those that used to make us feel happy may turn out to be the same things that can bring us depression -- those that turns our days darker. These are the things that will make coming out of bed every morning difficult. When we close our eyes at night, all we could think about was how crazy things in our life have turned. We start to feel helpless and cry our emotions out until we fall asleep. When the morning comes, the feelings rush back and all we want is just to stay in bed for the whole day... We just want to fade into nothingness. Then, we would receive a call, read a text message or see that note in our room that will convince us to get up for the day. We would do the same routinary things until the sun begins to welcome the moon. This happens for days and without us noticing it, days turn to weeks. Worse, weeks to months.

Everything can turn shitty in a moment but we need to keep our heart and faith strong. Yes, it can be difficult but we will get through this. We're strong enough to stand the test of time and the waves in our lives. We will be shaken but we'll remain standing still. Suddenly, the world may feel like it is ending daily but we just need to keep on believing that we will soon find the peace and happiness we've lost along the way. It can be frustrating when things don't happen the way we imagined them. Our ego will give us a hard time to accept all the wrong things and circumstances in our lives. BUT maybe we just need to be more patient in trusting the timing of our lives.

You know what keeps me going every single day? It is believing that circumstances may change any time. That one day, when the time is right, I may get what I have always wanted (or if not, something even better). A part of me wants to believe that tomorrow is going to be another day and it may become better. I hope you feel the same way about this. We must learn to welcome the shitty days in our lives knowing and believing that the happier days are coming.

To end this post, let this new piece from Lang Leav resonate in every piece of you:

Let me remind you that sometimes, you got to do the saving. Not someone else.


  1. Most Definitely tomorrow will always be better Algene. . . . especially if you are doing what you really enjoy. If you were not created for it, quit and go make a better tomorrow with what you love doing . . . It is beautiful

  2. As they say...when the going gets tough, the tough gets going...we need to keep our heart and faith strong, indeed...


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