Motherhood and The Importance of Some Me Time

A nice hot cup of coffee in the morning is just the perfect way to start your day. In fact, it is the most important part of my day. That cup of coffee gets my mind straight and relaxes my whole body. 

After that, it’s pretty much a roller coaster ride. From handing my own clothing boutique to the responsibility of taking care of two kids- the day can be pretty hectic. 

My morning starts nice and early and the kids usually get ready on their own while I prepare for breakfast. After dropping off my daughters to their schools, around 9, I spend my day at the store, taking care of the business. 

I get to meet a lot of people and that works out perfectly for me as I love socializing. That is the reason why sometimes I end up logging on to Bingo Diamond, which is an online gaming site. Here, you get to chat with other players online and the bingo games never fail to entertain. One of my favorite aspects of online bingo is that I can chat with all my bingo buddies and share with them all of latest designs and have them tell me whether they like it or not- and it’s mostly good advice. Let’s not forget my cup of espresso every time I log in to Bingo Diamond, which is currently one of my favorite bingo sites. The site has a few free bingo games and their unique range of pattern games are really exciting too.

Being an avid coffeeholic- appreciating good beans are something I inherited from my dad while I was younger. And trust me, nothing beats the aroma of freshly roasted Coffee beans. 

Although it’s always fun spending time with the children, at times I love the company of just me. Yes, me-time. It becomes mandatory for me to carry my tablet and a book while I leave from home, for my store. 

Sometimes when the afternoons doesn’t call for much of a crowd; I go out for a drive and stop by this tiny Café down the Cowcross Street. About a ten minute drive from my store and it is one of my favorite places to relax, read and occasionally indulge in online bingo while I take sips from my cup of brew! 

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