"Just Give Me A Happy Middle and A Very Happy Start"

I think this is just the saddest part of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (so far) -- where Rachel hugs Ross before his wedding. It was only recently that I got too engrossed with this 90's TV series to the point that I couldn't go to sleep without watching one or two episodes. You know that I easily get attached to the characters of the TV show or movie that I enjoy. Verily, it can be said that I'm absolutely in love with Rachel and Ross. There is something about their love story that makes my emotions fluctuate and it really breaks my heart to know that they're parting ways.

In Season 2, Rachel and Ross got together. As a back story, Ross has been in love with Rachel since high school. After more or less 10 years, they met again and Ross is still unable to confess what he feels for Rach. They had several relationships in between but eventually ended up together. I swear, they were perfect for each other. In Season 3, they broke up when Rach asked for it -- not because she was no longer in love with him but simply because she was just mad about Ross sleeping with another girl while they were on a short break.

Towards the end of Season 3, Ross was placed in a situation where he had to choose between her current girlfriend and Rach. That was after Rach told him that she still loves him. Of course, Ross chose Rachel. What do you expect? However, they still parted ways because Ross will not admit that the break up was entirely his fault. They were too proud of themselves that neither of them would admit each had something to do with the break up.

In Season 4, the episodes were about Rach and Ross trying to get over each other. They started seeing other people and had different partners. What made me really depressed towards the end of the said season was the fact that Ross ended up marrying another girl. The photo above was a scene in Ross' wedding place where Rachel hugged him for the last time. Rachel wanted to tell Ross she still loved him expecting that the latter would call the wedding off. But when she saw how happy Ross was with Emily, all she said was "Congratulations". She didn't want to ruin Ross' happiness even if it meant ruining hers. Sometimes, you gotta let go of that one person you love because his happiness is more important than yours. Ugh, this is just heart-breaking.

It's just frustrating to see that they didn't get their happy ending. This reminds me of a quote from Shel Silverstein which says: "There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part. So just give me a happy middle. And a very happy start." I guess what really matters is that Ross and Rachel had a wonderful love story -- everything in the beginning and in the middle was perfect. They may not end up together but simply having that opportunity and once in a lifetime chance to share moments together was more than enough. 

You may call me crazy for being too much invested in the characters but this is just me. I love movies and TV series so much that they have this kind of effect on me. From now on, everytime I think of Rach and Ross, I will be reminded of the fact that no matter how much two people love each other, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will end up together. There is a season for everything -- a season to fall in love, a season to fight for love, a season to let go of love and a season to find a new love. 

Anyway, I'm still starting with Season 5 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (out of 10 seasons) so technically, I have no idea how Ross and Rach's love story will end. But I wish they'd still end up together. A part of me will always believe in happy endings; at least in screen plays. Because for now, I'm still on the loose of finding my own happy story ------- A happy beginning, a happy middle and eventually, a happy ending. That "perfect timing" will come. Oh what a hopeful soul.

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  1. Hi Gene! Ang saya ko nakapaghop ulit ako sa blog mo though I actually miss ur old design.
    Anyway, i love FRIENDS too! Kami ni hubby may complete dvd copies nito and we watched it for like many many times hanggang sa memoriZed ko na pati mga lines nila as in. Haha. I dont want to be a spoiler since hindi mo pa tapos. Sila rin ang loveteam na gusto ko dito. I get crazy about them talaga. Haha. And my favorite solo character naman when it comes to comedy, Chandler and Phoebe!!!


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