Thursday, October 29

Registration is Now Open For Color Dash 2015

Color Dash goes to Davao this November! The first two years of Color Dash were successfully held in Metro Manila. It gathered thousands of fun, exciting, active individuals. What makes Color Dash exciting is that all persons, of any age, can participate in this one day event. Kids, adults and pets were in great spirit as the fun run happened. This themed run is 5 kilometres long. For every kilometre, a dash of color is splashed to your Color Dash shirt. At the end of the run, everything turns colorful. 

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Wednesday, October 14

Wanting Someone Everyday in Every Way

Reading anything that has nothing to do with law school makes my soul happy. The reason why I enjoy reading so much is because it brings me into a different place -- where I can let my thoughts go wild and my heart feel great things. For tonight, I checked one of my favorite Tumblr blogs and browsed for the latest posts about poetry. One post caught my attention. It was perfectly written so I want to share it here. To make this article better, allow me first to show you a famous painting by a French surrealist Rene Magritte.

The Lovers by Rene Magritte (1928); Museum of Modern Art in New York City

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Motherhood and The Importance of Some Me Time

Saturday, October 10

Motherhood and The Importance of Some Me Time

A nice hot cup of coffee in the morning is just the perfect way to start your day. In fact, it is the most important part of my day. That cup of coffee gets my mind straight and relaxes my whole body. 

After that, it’s pretty much a roller coaster ride. From handing my own clothing boutique to the responsibility of taking care of two kids- the day can be pretty hectic. 

My morning starts nice and early and the kids usually get ready on their own while I prepare for breakfast. After dropping off my daughters to their schools, around 9, I spend my day at the store, taking care of the business. 

I get to meet a lot of people and that works out perfectly for me as I love socializing. That is the reason why sometimes I end up logging on to Bingo Diamond, which is an online gaming site. Here, you get to chat with other players online and the bingo games never fail to entertain. One of my favorite aspects of online bingo is that I can chat with all my bingo buddies and share with them all of latest designs and have them tell me whether they like it or not- and it’s mostly good advice. Let’s not forget my cup of espresso every time I log in to Bingo Diamond, which is currently one of my favorite bingo sites. The site has a few free bingo games and their unique range of pattern games are really exciting too.

Being an avid coffeeholic- appreciating good beans are something I inherited from my dad while I was younger. And trust me, nothing beats the aroma of freshly roasted Coffee beans. 

Although it’s always fun spending time with the children, at times I love the company of just me. Yes, me-time. It becomes mandatory for me to carry my tablet and a book while I leave from home, for my store. 

Sometimes when the afternoons doesn’t call for much of a crowd; I go out for a drive and stop by this tiny Café down the Cowcross Street. About a ten minute drive from my store and it is one of my favorite places to relax, read and occasionally indulge in online bingo while I take sips from my cup of brew! 

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Friday, October 9

"Just Give Me A Happy Middle and A Very Happy Start"

I think this is just the saddest part of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (so far) -- where Rachel hugs Ross before his wedding. It was only recently that I got too engrossed with this 90's TV series to the point that I couldn't go to sleep without watching one or two episodes. You know that I easily get attached to the characters of the TV show or movie that I enjoy. Verily, it can be said that I'm absolutely in love with Rachel and Ross. There is something about their love story that makes my emotions fluctuate and it really breaks my heart to know that they're parting ways.
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Wednesday, October 7

Friends Need Time and Space Too

I woke up at the right side of my bed today. I had a really good sleep, which only means that I had a wonderful Tuesday night. What made last night exciting and full of fun was my reconciliation with a close friend in law school. We haven’t talked for like six weeks despite the fact that we see each other almost everyday, sit beside each other in class and hang out with the same group of friends (both LA and Nachura). I can’t even believe I had the courage and too much “pride” to ignore him for the past weeks. Trust me, it was difficult but my useless pride helped get through it.

Our reconciliation was totally unexpected. We never said anything to each other, we just smiled. Right there and then, we both knew we’re back to being friends. The first thing I said to him was “I miss you!” and all he said was “I wish I could say the same.” It may sound mean but I know he’s just kidding since he always does that whenever I try to show him some affection. My friend K is not really comfortable with my smitten personality. He finds it annoying and fake! (Hahaha) 
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Monday, October 5

Reminding One's Self of "Hakuna Matata"

Today, I had another realization. While I was listening to my teacher’s lecture during our Legal Counseling class, a classmate called my attention and handed his phone to me. He wanted me to read a message which said “Classmate mo ni Algene? Nabanggaan daw iyang sakyanan.” In our dialect, it means that my car, which was properly parked outside the school, was bumped by some driver who probably should not drive at all.

I won’t deny the fact that I’m completely pissed off about it. I had to skip my class right away and run in heels just to deal with the problem. But it has always been my weakness that whenever someone says sorry, all my feelings of remorse against that person suddenly fades away. Since the driver already said sorry, who am I not to take it? At least she was responsible enough to own up to her mistakes and ask for an apology. So instead of getting angry about it, I just need to let it go and find ways on how we can both fix my car.

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