Wednesday, September 23

Feel Good Music: Let These Be Our Life Songs

“Where words fail, music speaks.” This line from Hans Christian Andersen tells us about the power of music. It is capable of improving our mood, changing our perspective and inspiring us to do better things. I can't remember a day when I didn't put my headphones on to listen to my favorite playlists on Spotify. This morning, I tuned it to "Mood Boosters" while reading for my exam for the afternoon. Then suddenly, a thought popped into my mind -- to start a new category on my blog where I will share songs from different playlists which moved me at a particular time (and I wish, may move you too).

For my the first post under this new category, it will be composed of feel good songs that we all need to hear when we are feeling down, questioning our existence or purpose, wondering what we are doing here or simply have no idea about everything. 

Hold On Tight by Greg Holden

On days when it seems like complaining is the best thing to do, let this song remind us of how amazing life is and for the reasons why we must not take it for granted. My favorite part of this song is: "I'll try not to complain about the things I have lost 'cause when you have something great, that just means there's a greater loss." Why don't we hold on tight to what we have been handed? Life -- you just don't know how long you will have it so don't take it for granted.

Monday, September 7

When You Realize That Life Is Too Short

"I could die anytime." This is what I thought of as I walk around Davao City Memorial Park. The last time I went there was August 2015 for my law school org's activity. For 2015, I am back again at this familiar place for the same reason but this time, I have a different feeling. A sudden rush of emotions filled my entire system and I don't have an explanation for it. All I know was that there were some realizations that crossed my mind about the current circumstances in my life and the way I respond to them. As I looked at the tombstones, I started to think about the missed chances and opportunities of the people who are already dead. To be honest, it was a relief to know that I am still alive. Am I not lucky enough to still be here in this world and get to enjoy endless possibilities? 

Tuesday, September 1

Top Apps and Sites That Can Help You to Decorate Your Home

Home decorating choices differ with every person’s preferences, tastes, styles, and especially budget. Others prefer traditional, while others like contemporary. Since not everybody can afford to hire professional designers to fix up one’s place, people try to do DIY projects. With the convenience of technology these days, there are so many apps and sites where users can grab ideas and apply them in their home decorating ventures. Beside these apps , many sites can help you to find some good ideas and modern furnitures designs to refresh your home style . If you check on sites such as shopmohd,  you can find creative and original design furnitures ideas. Good news to those tech-savvy home decorators who are on the lookout for helpful applications and websites, here are some suggestions.