Wednesday, July 15

Thank You McDo: Happiness from Little Things

It always amazes me how simple things can make me feel happy. Just when I was having a bad day, a gift from McDo Philippines cheered me up. So I'm writing this post to express my deep gratitude to them. I came home late one night and when I entered my room, I saw a package sitting at the end of my bedside table. I can remember how stressed I was that time and how all the bad vibes went away when I opened the box... 

These cute minions took all my worries away. They're so adorable! They remind me of the fact that we always have a choice every single day - either to be happy or to be sad; that it all depends on us on how we are going to deal with things. I placed them in the living room of our house where I can see them regularly so whenever I see them, I'll be reminded that I am always in control of my emotions.
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How to Organize Your Own Local Book and Coffee Day

Monday, July 13

How to Organize Your Own Local Book and Coffee Day

Humans are gregarious creatures and most of us like nothing better than getting together to share news, express our ideas and just take an interest in our fellows. For those who enjoy books, an event that combines talking about books with refreshments on tap is a sure winner.

There is nothing better than books.

Books can inspire new ideas, awaken old favorites and set you on a path that takes you who knows where. This is why, for book lovers, there is simply nothing better than settling down with a good book, unless that is talking about books with other bookworms of course. But organizing a local book and coffee day can be a challenge, so how do you go about it?
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