Women Love to Spend Time on Online Gambling

Men are often associated with online gambling and it is assumed that they spend more time on the casino games. It is not true in today’s scenario as women are now getting involved in the online gambling, as they love to play freely and win some rewards. We will look at some of the important aspects about women gambling with online casinos in this article. Gambling seems to look more glamorous and attractive for many women these days and with the availability of various online casinos including Pocket Fruity Casino; it is easier for them to get an access to the popular casino games online.

Women Below the Age Group of 35 Years Spend Most Time On Gambling
Interestingly, statistics reveal that women below the age group of 35 years spend most of their time on gambling activities than any other work. With the availability of many casino games on smartphone devices, these days the gambling is easily playable and the games are downloaded easily with no deposit required. Women players are increasing on a regular basis and the desire to gamble more is increasing the user base for many online casinos.

Virtual Casino Operators have found a New Target Market in Women Gamblers
The increased number of women gamblers can only indicate one thing, which is that the new iGaming market would see many women players engaging in online casino games. There was a time when women were just a companion for men gamblers accompanying them for a drink or serving them with the playing cards. The times have completely changed now and with the invasion of online casinos, the women gamblers are increasing in numbers quickly.

Women love To Have Fun While Gambling
Another important aspect about gambling is that women find it interesting and they love to have some fun with the casino games. The women gamblers are not the typical casino strategists who think of different tactics before playing any game. The relation between online casinos and women is simple. Women love to take their time out and play some casino games to ease off their stress and hence, there are a number of women gamblers emerging now.

Men Vs Women
Some statistics about online gambling tells us that about 82% of the population of men who invest their time in casino games and the rest 18% are women gamblers. However, these statistics are only in relation to men spending more time in poker, roulette and Blackjack games. Other surprising statistics reveal that 72% of the population in the UK are women gamblers who love playing bingo and slot games while the 75% of rest of the UK’s population are men who potentially do not play much of the slot and bingo games.


Women are now an integral part of the online casino industry and are directly competing with men when it comes to playing more online slots. As much as the women love to spend time only on playing slot games, they also spend more time sitting on a computer or browsing through games on mobile devices.

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