How to Beat the Holiday Blues

Monday, April 20

How to Beat the Holiday Blues

Anyone who has been on a holiday, will know what a holiday blue feels like. That feeling of being back home but still not completely out of the holiday fever. That is what you call a holiday blue. After 5 days of pure bliss and excitement, it can be a little difficult to settle in to your usual routine. 

I stayed in one of the most beautiful hotels in Finland, Hotel Kamp which is an elegant hotel set right in the heart of the capital city, Helsinki. Thereby, it was the most ideal location to go bar-hopping, shopping, site-seeing and doing various other things. Whenever I travel I always make sure I completely immerse myself with the culture of the place and the only way to do this, is by being part of the crowd and respecting their customs. 

All in all, everything about the city was so mesmerizing and what added to the charm of the city, was the friendly people and their passion for music. There were many good memories I made during my visit to Helsinki, many new people that I met and new experiences that I learned. 

There were rarely any instances where I found myself feeling away from home or homesick. But when I did, I play free bingo. These gaming sites, provide for a perfect way to reconnect with people that you know. I have been an avid player on GameVillage and have made some interesting friends online too. 

They knew everything about my trip and they even suggested a few dishes that I needed to try while in Helsinki. Although, I wasn’t too happy about my brief visit, I was glad I was going home with new experiences. 

So, there’s always to ways at looking at a glass that is half full, or half empty. While I was upset about going back to my daily routine, I also was content about my short holiday.

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Tuesday, April 14

The Struggle in Most Nights

I have been staying up late for the past few nights. It would have been a good thing if the cause of the sleepless nights was studying for my upcoming exams. Well, to be fair, I was trying to read some law school stuff but in the middle of those nights, I find myself completely lost.

Wednesday, April 1

Choosing Lakas Atenista Was The Best Rush Decision Ever

There are many decisions in life that we have to make in every step of the way. Some decisions are not grand that they do not really require any discernment at all while some requires a lot of thinking. Those are the decisions that must be really thought of and you can't make them with a snap of your fingers. Days must be spent for thinking, feeling, analyzing and discerning. 

For the past few years, I made "grand" decisions which have really a great impact in my life. I admit that I'm guilty for making rush decisions which, cliche as it may sound, have changed my life instantly. Among which was what organization I would be joining in law school. I am an independent woman and have always believed that I don't need anyone to accomplish things. However, law school made me realize how vulnerable and weak I am... how I need certain people in my journey. It came to a point when I have to make a choice with what group I want to be affiliated with. 
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