Wednesday, March 18

Debunking the Common Misconceptions About Drug Addiction

Believe it or not, there are still a lot of individuals who have no idea what it means to be addicted to a substance. Though there are an increasing number of individuals becoming addicted to drugs on the daily basis, there are still a lot of misconceptions out there – some of which could prevent the average drug abuser from getting help or even make them feel worse about themselves. 

Whether you suffer from addiction yourself or you know someone who is suffering from drug addiction, having a full understanding of what the illness is, and how it affects the addict physically and mentally can make getting help and support a lot easier.


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Tuesday, March 17

Bright Leaf Awards 2015: The Road to Excellence Starts Here

It is time once again to celebrate the best of the best as the 9th Bright Leaf Agriculture Journalism Awards for 2015 officially opens.  

Since it was launched in 2007, more and more journalists from all over the Philippines have been submitting their stories and photos hoping to bring home the trophy for the following categories:
  • Agriculture Story of the Year
  • Agriculture Photo of the Year
  • Tobacco Story of the Year
  • Tobacco Photo of the Year
  • Best Television Program or Segment
  • Best Radio Program or Segment
  • Best Agriculture News Story National
  • Best Agriculture News Story Regional
  • Best Agriculture Feature Story National
  • Best Agriculture Feature Story Regional, and
  • The Oriental Leaf Award.  

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Saturday, March 14

Introducing the Country's One Stop Shopping Destination for Busy Ladies

When I was still in college, I really loved window shopping. I go to the malls and check boutiques one by one before I make my purchases. Since the money I had during that time came from my allowance, I had to make sure that the items I’d buy are definitely worth it. After "every" window shopping, I return to my “chosen” stores and that’s the time I get the things I want. That way, I am able to get the best value of my money. But at the same time, it also costs me a lot of time and most of all, it was completely a tiring process. 

Now that I’m in law school, things have changed a lot. I hate to admit it but since 2012, I preferred online shopping. The best part about it is that it allowed me to shop for the things I want without living the comforts of my own room. Even if I'm in coffee shops or at school, I also get a chance to browse for some cute finds online. As we can all see, there is a great increase in the number of online stores that cater to the different needs of ladies like me --- those who do not only want to save time but also some cash.
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Monday, March 9

"Love, Rosie" Reminds Everyone to Take "That" Chance

Who would have thought that “Love, Rosie” could bring me to tears on a Sunday night? Well, I got tired reading a novel so I decided to take a break by watching Youtube videos on how to braid my hair. When I got bored from my random browsing, I decided to check a film from my “Must-Watch Movies for 2015” folder. I chose Love, Rosie and then, I realized that as I watch the film, I could not stop crying. To be honest, I did not expect that this movie could affect me this much.

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