It's Okay to Be Single on Valentine's Day

There are only a few days left before Valentine’s Day. My newsfeed is full of V-day related posts. Some of my friends are already sharing about their weekend plans with their beaus. There are those who look forward to celebrating the “Hearts’ Day” in a fancy restaurant, enjoy the sunset with their loves at beach or do any intimate activities at romantic places. Some are also talking about the gifts they are planning to give their partners and the presents they wish to receive from their lovers.

Then… There are those who talk about their frustrations (but yes, in funny way) about Valentine’s. Some are bitter about their lost love, the love that got away, the love that never had a chance, the love that ended before it even started, the love that never came and/or the love at a wrong time. 

I’m pretty sure that I don’t fall in the first category – the group of people who are happily in love on Valentine’s Day. At the same time, I'm also not sure on whether or not I fall in the second group – those who has issues about love and yes, the Valentine’s day. All I know is that I thought this year’s February 14 is going to be different. But as I see it, it’s going to be that same happy-yet-boring-do-not-mind-me day for me.

February 14, 2015 – the third Valentine’s day that I’m still (yes, proud, happy to be and sometimes wondering why) single. I’ve learned to count the years because my friends never failed to remind me (every single year) that I’m still loveless during V-day. 

So the question I have in mind is “Does it really, really matter?” Well, it certainly feels good to have someone invite me out on Valentine’s Day, send me some flowers and chocolates, ask me to watch a movie with him or simply bring me at a place where we could just stargaze and talk about random things... But I don't think I need all those just for the sake of having "a date" on the Heart's Day. I don't want to pressure myself to settle for anything less just because it's convenient or available and so that I won't be alone on the 14th. I'd rather be on my own on Valentine's Day than be with someone who's not worth it. Over the years, I've learned that it's best not to rush things. 

Just because I'm single doesn't mean I can't have fun on the 14th. In fact, I've already made plans for the weekend. I'm going to spend my Saturday attending a make up class at school (yes, it will keep me busy for at least three hours) and preparing for an intimate dinner with my family. 

For now, all I could do is be happy for those who are in love with their partners. I know that someday, I'll get my chance too. And I won't let the spirit of Valentine's Day pressure me to fall in love when I know it's not yet the right time and most especially, when the right person has not yet arrived.

My time will come soon. Not this year but I know, it'll be soon. You know what they say? Good things come to those who wait. 

PS Being single on Valentine's Day is not a big issue. So let's all get over this.


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  1. Truelala! My 3rd year being single as well, if counting the year that my ex broke up with me on V-day. Hahahahaha!


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