My Parisian Tour in the Most Luxurious and Chic Places of the Capital

To be in Paris is, in principle, to be in one of the most glamorous places on earth. Known as the City of Lights, it attracts a huge number of tourists who come to visit its many attractions. For others, Paris equates to luxury and style. My experience in Paris is just one of the best and here are some of the things I enjoyed that I’m sure you will, too! 

Drive in Paris
While most people might prefer to use the public transportation system to navigate the city, I decided to rent a luxury car in Paris though the site Primerent and made my own itinerary because I enjoy driving. Instead of hopping on and off a tourist bus, I found it enjoyable to go anywhere I wanted, anytime. On the other hand, if you don’t particularly like the idea of having to navigate the city on your own, you can also opt to hire chauffeured services so you can relax and enjoy the sights as you pass along the important and beautiful spots. If you are with your love one, relax and enjoy the ride as your chauffeur brings you to the most romantic places – by the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, or hopping from one museum to the next.

Dine at the Bateaux Mouches
What else can be more romantic and luxurious than cruising down the Seine and enjoying a sumptuous French dinner and sipping on delightful French wine? I wanted so much to experience the thrill of cruising down the Seine so I decided to get on board the Bateaux-Mouches! As we passed by the most prestigious monuments of the city, I was enthralled by how beautiful Paris truly is. It was an amazing experience to watch all those elegant buildings as well as the mesmerizing Eiffel Tower all lighted up. It was one of the most amazing combinations of wonderful gastronomic and romantic experience!

Attend a Performance
Why not do something different and go see a performance at the Palais Garnier? It can be an opera, a ballet, a concert or a recital – whatever your preference, it can be both a historical and entertaining experience to do in Paris. For me, I chose to go see a ballet. There is nothing quite like it, to see a live performance in such an opulent venue, with the Grand Stairway and the Grand Foyer stunningly amazing. I felt transported back into Paris’s high society centuries ago! Book your ticket and expect to have one of the most amazing experiences of a lifetime!

Shop for Vintage Clothes
I like vintage clothes and items and it is quite thrilling for me to be able to find a treasure among all the items. I enjoy looking for items that are no longer available in shops, so I go treasure-hunting in the hopes of finding something unique, something beautiful, something iconic. In Paris, I especially enjoyed hopping from one boutique to the next. Didier Ludot for haute couture items and little black dresses from the 1920s, Gabrielle Geppert for shoes, jewelry, bags by Hermès, Chanel or Louboutin, and Yukiko for designer silk scarves, wallets, handbags and other accessories to die for.

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