Meet Sammy Snooze and Let's #WakeUpSammy

Sleep is one of the things I value in my life. I seldom get a chance to enjoy a good sleep due to the demands of my studies, work and personal life. There are just so many activities to do and attend to every single day. In fact, I even consider sleep as a luxury and a gift. It’s not something that I can easily get and this is the reason why I envy Sammy.

Who is Sammy? Well, he is known as the sleepiest man in the Philippines. One of my friends shared about this guy, which made me interested in him. I learned that he loves sleeping a lot to the point that he misses some important appointments, meetings and events in his life. There’s no question that his most favorite part of the day is the time when he is asleep.

In case you want to learn more about him, you can add him on facebook: Sammy Snooze. Here’s a photo of him and his dog named Snoozy. Just like his master, Snoozy also loves to sleep a lot. Yes, a lot. 

As Sammy’s friend, we need to make sure that he wakes up at a certain time in order for him to catch up with everything going on with his life. We can’t just let him miss a flight to a beautiful city or a marathon with friends just because he’s asleep. Now, the challenge is: WE HAVE TO WAKE HIM UP. 

How can we wake up the sleepiest man on earth? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c. 
  • Add Sammy Snooze on Facebook (Check the link of his profile above)
  • Download the FREE NESCAFÉ Wake Up App (Available in both App Store and Google Play Store)
  • Record  a creative wake-up video
  • Send your amazing alarm recording to Sammy

The Nescafe Wake Up Challenge

Follow the steps above and get a chance to win some exciting prizes every week. Just send in your interesting and creative video via the NESCAFÉ Wake Up App. You can also share your entry in your social networking sites and use the hashtag #WakeUpSammy.

Don’t forget to download the featured application to replace your boring mobile alarm clock app and wake up to better mornings.


  1. Sammy and I are very much alike. I love to sleep too. This app can really help though.

  2. This seems like a neat and nifty app. I can't say I'm like Sammy though but I do love to sleep haha

  3. This app will be great for my sister. We also have challenges waking her up in the morning. And if she wakes up too early, there's a big chance that she'll have headache the rest of the day and complain.

  4. Sammy is cute! But I love sleep too that's why I think I'll join Sammy in a snoozefest instead

  5. I want Sammys sleeping skills as I can't sleep at will. This is a good challenge though.

  6. I need this APP! I sometimes forget to wake up on time due to work, so tired and need to rest more.

  7. Even his dog is sleepy!! LOL! Just like our dog.


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