Tuesday, October 28

My Parisian Tour in the Most Luxurious and Chic Places of the Capital

To be in Paris is, in principle, to be in one of the most glamorous places on earth. Known as the City of Lights, it attracts a huge number of tourists who come to visit its many attractions. For others, Paris equates to luxury and style. My experience in Paris is just one of the best and here are some of the things I enjoyed that I’m sure you will, too! 

Drive in Paris
While most people might prefer to use the public transportation system to navigate the city, I decided to rent a luxury car in Paris though the site Primerent and made my own itinerary because I enjoy driving. Instead of hopping on and off a tourist bus, I found it enjoyable to go anywhere I wanted, anytime. On the other hand, if you don’t particularly like the idea of having to navigate the city on your own, you can also opt to hire chauffeured services so you can relax and enjoy the sights as you pass along the important and beautiful spots. If you are with your love one, relax and enjoy the ride as your chauffeur brings you to the most romantic places – by the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, or hopping from one museum to the next.

Dine at the Bateaux Mouches
What else can be more romantic and luxurious than cruising down the Seine and enjoying a sumptuous French dinner and sipping on delightful French wine? I wanted so much to experience the thrill of cruising down the Seine so I decided to get on board the Bateaux-Mouches! As we passed by the most prestigious monuments of the city, I was enthralled by how beautiful Paris truly is. It was an amazing experience to watch all those elegant buildings as well as the mesmerizing Eiffel Tower all lighted up. It was one of the most amazing combinations of wonderful gastronomic and romantic experience!

Attend a Performance
Why not do something different and go see a performance at the Palais Garnier? It can be an opera, a ballet, a concert or a recital – whatever your preference, it can be both a historical and entertaining experience to do in Paris. For me, I chose to go see a ballet. There is nothing quite like it, to see a live performance in such an opulent venue, with the Grand Stairway and the Grand Foyer stunningly amazing. I felt transported back into Paris’s high society centuries ago! Book your ticket and expect to have one of the most amazing experiences of a lifetime!

Shop for Vintage Clothes
I like vintage clothes and items and it is quite thrilling for me to be able to find a treasure among all the items. I enjoy looking for items that are no longer available in shops, so I go treasure-hunting in the hopes of finding something unique, something beautiful, something iconic. In Paris, I especially enjoyed hopping from one boutique to the next. Didier Ludot for haute couture items and little black dresses from the 1920s, Gabrielle Geppert for shoes, jewelry, bags by Hermès, Chanel or Louboutin, and Yukiko for designer silk scarves, wallets, handbags and other accessories to die for.

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Friday, October 24

Promoting Tourism in the Philippines Through #SharePH Campaign

If there is one thing that I am thankful of today, it is having an opportunity to join the Twitter Conversation hosted by wherein several social media enthusiasts talked about what's life like in Davao city. The said Twitter party is part of the #SharePH and #ShareDavao campaign which aims to promote the tourism in the Philippines by focusing on major cities in the country. I'm happy to announce to everyone that Davao is the first city which became part of this amazing campaign and that the Davao Bloggers Society is part of the first blast of #SharePH and #ShareDavao. 

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Thursday, October 23

Relive Your Dreams: Carte Blanche 2014

The long wait is finally over. Party goers and ravers can now get their tickets for the most awaited event of the year in Davao city - Carte Blanche 2014: Electric Music Carnival which is set to happen on November 15, 2014 at Crocodile Park Concert Grounds. Last year, Carte Blanche 2013 made waves in the EDM industry for being the first electronic music dance festival outside Metro Manila. This year, Manic Nightnings Productions, headed by its Manic Mom, Kat Dalisay, is happy to announce that the team is bringing a bigger and better Carte Blanche! 

As mentioned by the Manic Mom (aka Mommy Kat), Carte Blanche 2014 expects to gather an attendance of 20,000 ravers from all walks of life from different cities in Mindanao. Did you know that two large fields at the Crocodile Park will be occupied for the production? Attendees will surely enjoy The Carnival and The Rave Field prepared by the whole Manic Nightnings team. There will be lots of carnival rides and fun booths which will surely make the event truly memorable and exciting.

Sunday, October 19

"Husay and Malasakit" in Everything We Do

If there's one gift that you could give to the world, what would it be? If you can make other people's lives better, how would you do it? What are the things that you are willing to give up just to make other individuals smile and experience happier lives? Are you willing to offer yourself to be of service to the community? To the people surrounding you? Most importantly, can you give without expecting anything in return?

Mother Theresa, a selfless woman who has spent her life helping those who are in need, once said "At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by ‘I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me, I was homeless and you took me in.’ Hungry not only for bread — but hungry for love. Naked not only for clothing — but naked for human dignity and respect. Homeless not only for want of a room of bricks — but homeless because of rejection." Imagine a world where everyone acts like Mother Theresa, devotes one's life to serving other people, sharing one's life with the community and giving whatever one has wholeheartedly. For sure, the world will be a better place to live in. There would be peace and happiness in our minds. Everyone will live in harmony, love and compassion.

Saturday, October 18

Outdoor Furniture: How to Choose the Right Design and Material

There are many furniture options and designs that can fit almost any budget in the market. So, to maximise the comfort and function of your outdoor spaces, you need luxury garden furniture that reflects your personality and depth. Before purchasing any items for your garden, make sure to weigh varied materials and designs to help you enjoy comfort and function of your outdoor space. Many brands like Unopiu provide unique designer outdoor furniture that can guarantee comfortability, style and quality at the same time. 
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Thursday, October 16

Planning a Secure Financial Future for Your Family

We all want a secure future for our family and key to this is financial planning. Most of us have a weekly or monthly budget in place, and know that if we stick to the budget there will be enough money in the bank to cover the bills. 

Holidays, Christmas, car repairs and things like the kid’s school uniforms are also normally budgeted for and many people save for these items. However, many of us do not have any money in reserve for unexpected events like serious illness, the loss of a job or the death of a close family member – only 38% of people say they can afford to cover an expense like this. These events cause a lot of pain, stress and heartache, which is often made far worse because of the added financial pressure.

Why it’s important to make plans now

Nobody wants to think about worst-case scenarios, so there is a tendency for people not to put the necessary measures in place to help them to cope financially. This is understandable and only natural. 

However, ignoring the possibility is not a wise approach, especially when it is relatively easy to make sure that your family has the money they need to cope. For most people, the best approach is to take out insurance to provide coverage in the event of a job loss, serious illness or a death in the family. 
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Friday, October 10

Meet Sammy Snooze and Let's #WakeUpSammy

Sleep is one of the things I value in my life. I seldom get a chance to enjoy a good sleep due to the demands of my studies, work and personal life. There are just so many activities to do and attend to every single day. In fact, I even consider sleep as a luxury and a gift. It’s not something that I can easily get and this is the reason why I envy Sammy.

Who is Sammy? Well, he is known as the sleepiest man in the Philippines. One of my friends shared about this guy, which made me interested in him. I learned that he loves sleeping a lot to the point that he misses some important appointments, meetings and events in his life. There’s no question that his most favorite part of the day is the time when he is asleep.

In case you want to learn more about him, you can add him on facebook: Sammy Snooze. Here’s a photo of him and his dog named Snoozy. Just like his master, Snoozy also loves to sleep a lot. Yes, a lot. 

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