Worry No More and Save Yourself From a Bad Browmance

Despite my busy schedule at school and work, I still make it to a point that I allot some time for treating myself to a me-time. I believe that it's one of the secrets to living a happier and healthier life. I don't mind cancelling all my appointments for a particular day to go on a "Pamper Me Sesh" which usually includes getting my nails done, visiting the spa, enjoying a hot bath and cleaning up my eyebrows. I consider myself lucky because there are so many establishments in Davao city which specialize in offering these kinds of relaxing services. 

In today's post, I will be featuring one of the must-visit places of every Davaoeña who wants to take a day off from all her to-do's, requirements and meetings. Browhaus: The Brow Salon (located at Abreeza Ayala Mall Corporate Center) is definitely a girl's best friend. This place will make every woman feel more confident, happy and satisfied every after session. Browhaus is known as the one-stop brow and lash grooming salon which has been helping women all over the world to feel good about themselves. Check the list below to know some of the reasons why I love this place!

Unique theme and design of Browhaus Davao

It's nice to visit this place because whenever I enter it, I feel like I'm on a completely different world. The interesting theme can certainly set the mood of every visitor. Looking at the photo above, one can say that BrowHaus aims to hit the target (with perfection and precision).  

Browhaus knows to to take good care of all their guests

I'm happy to tell you that this grooming salon is composed of people who are friendly to all their customers. The staff will surely make you feel comfortable with them. These talented individuals have undergone several trainings to ensure that they can deliver the best services to their valued guests. In my last visit at Browhauz, I was welcomed by Ms. Monique (Marketing Officer for Browhaus Philippines) and the rest of the team who are more than happy to be of service. 

Browhaus helps ladies achieve perfect eyebrows with their after-care products


Browhaus does not only offer special services to their clients but also well-formulated after-care beauty items. The famous Extend Lash and Brow Serum (photo 1) is one of their best-sellers. Many people love the said product because it enables user to get longer, thicker eyelashes and brows in just 3 weeks! Another item available from their Davao branch is Brow Resurrection After Care System (photo 2) which ensures that newly resurrected brows remain picture-perfect. Browhaus Davao also distributes Rena Muse Eyelash Moisturizer (photo 4) and Ice Cream Instant Soothing Delight (photo 3).

Amazing services at affordable rates

What makes Browhaus unique from all the rest is that the people behind it believe that there is a functionality behind every style. That is why they are the best brow architects in town. Offering brow and lash grooming services, Browhaus designs your perfect brow and accentuates your lashes for your best face forward.

For the menu of their services, please refer to the photo below:

Browhaus will save you from a bad browmance

Stop suffering from a bad browmance! Feel instantly beautiful with BrowHaus: The Brow Salon. Visit them at the 3rd floor of Abreeza Ayala Mall. You can also contact them on the number/s provided below. Trust me, this salon will make you feel better after the session/s. I believe you deserve a treat so what are you waiting for? Always remember that you must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.

Browhaus Abreeza - Davao
Location: 3W, 3rd floor, Abreeza Corporate center, J P Laurel, Bajada, Davao city
Mobile number: 0917-8712033
Telephone number: 082-327-0038
Operating Hours : 10AM - 9PM (Sunday to Saturday)


  1. Wow Browhaus has a Davao branch! Lovely. I won a Browhaus Browgraphy GC months ago..I gave it to someone, I'm sure my friend loves her brows now:)

  2. Lo Spa!
    I've never done anything from my brows except plucked a few excesses.
    Its an issue for those with very thick brows, sometimes I considered getting to a professional for threading but I havent really done anything like that.

  3. I've tried the Browgraphy just recently and until now (like after two weeks), the color still retained. There are now stray hairs on my eyebrows though. I hope they give out a promo discount to previous customers, something like a loyalty card.

  4. Been wanting to go to their store and treat my mom! Thanks for the price list

  5. I remember this Browhaus which I've won for other blog giveaway. Until now, I didn't' visited the place. For sure, this is fine for women who valued their beauty and image.

  6. I'll be sure to take my wife here if we visit Davao. Good review.

  7. I could forever stare at tidy brows! I wish mine was colored hazelnut or dark brown. I still do the manual thingy -- shave it and then eyebrow pencil galore.

  8. Perfect for those who want to have good looking eyebrows! The ladies should be aware of this. :D

  9. I guess it really adds to a ladies confidence having nice brows. It's good that there's browhaus.

  10. I have bushy eyebrows before. I used to pluck it and hell yeah it hurts. At least now there are specialty salon like Brow House who offered this kind of service.

  11. I love to try their services but its too pricey for me. So I'll pass on this.


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