Live with Gratitude: Happiest Thank You to You

I live by gratitude. If there are two words that I would like to say and hear every single day, it is “Thank You.” These words mean a lot especially when they are spoken and delivered sincerely. In the latest advertisement by Coca-Cola Philippines, they did a great job in showing how great it is to live by gratitude in our daily lives. Allow me to share this to you:

After watching this 3-minute video, I start to remember all the people whom I am truly thankful of in my life. I am inspired to let them know that I appreciate everything they’ve done for the past few years of my existence. I believe that they deserve more than a thank you from me.

So I decided to come up with my own “Thank You” list. May this inspire you to be more mindful of all the blessings you receive and to recognize all the people and circumstances that lead you to having a bountiful, happy and inspiring life. 

  • Thank you to Mama Gina and Papa Albert for being the best parents in the world. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I will always be your little girl even if I turn 50 years old or more. Thank you for being there in every step I take. This may sound cliché but you are the reason for who I am today and for what I’ve got. 
  • Thank you to baby brother Long-long. We may not be the best of friends but I know that we are truly inseparable. Thank you for just being there, for annoying me most of the time and for making me feel that I matter in your life. You may not know this but I actually feel good everytime you ask me to help you in your assignments and reviews. Thank you for the times when you offer to cook and prepare our meals because I’m just too tired (and I never want to) do it. 
  • Thank you to my good old friends in law school (Gio, Camille, Karl, Knizza, Brunx, Von, Jordan, Janine, Arjan, Frances, Dave, Ciena, Japet, Venus, Noribeth and Ruby) for making my LS days less stressful. Just knowing that I share this roller-coaster ride with you gives me so much relief.  This may sound OA but I actually love the fact that we are all in this together. May we all reach our dreams someday!
  • Thank you to SR 2014 (especially Shelumiel, Junar, Emiko, Kim, Joni, Karl, Knizza, Francis and Arjan) for the everyday happiness. You guys never fail to amaze me with your wittiness! Thank you for the afternoon talks, the after-class dinners and most importantly – for not judging me during the recitations. Thank you! Thank you!
  • Thank you to my high school best of friends whom I haven’t seen in such a long long time – March, Yayie, Fely, Brizza, Hershey, Alvic, Ryan, Remie, Jang, Paul and Jinggay. Thank you for the happy memories we’ve shared all through these years. As I look back to the good old days, I can’t help but smile and thank God for giving me a set of great people like you! Remember the Boulevard of Broken Dreams? Gosh. I miss you and I thank you for the good times!
  • Thank you to the Positive Peeps for bringing positivity in my life. Thank you Chamee, Ria, Sarah, Vanessa, Naprey, Mommy Floraine, Mommy Kerslyn, Mommy Van, Mommy Rovie, Madie, Andrew, Mark, Renz, Glen, Kuya Ace, Kuya Michael, Ate Suzette, Kezia and Yassy for the good vibes! Thank you for the movie dates, the endless food trips and the friendship. 
  • Thank you Shekinah and Kenny for completing our trio. I know it's been a long time since we last shared special moments together but I believe that distance is never an issue. Thank you for staying as my bffs despite the missed times. I miss you and our random road trips, coffee dates and food trips. 
  • Thank you to the best Starbucks partners for preparing my oh-so-good drinks every morning and making me feel that I’m welcome to stay at the coffee shop even for longggggggg hours. I really appreciate that! Thank you to Amor, Claire, Tina, Von, Jeff, Delnard, Jake and the rest of the gang.
  • Thank you to the parking boys of Ateneo for helping me secure parking spaces every afternoon especially on the days when I’m running late. Thank you Joel, Boging and Glenbert! I really appreciate everything you do. May God bless you more!

Thank you to each and everyone of you! Thank you for taking time to read this blog post. May this serve as a reminder that saying “thank you” is not only good for you but also for the people surrounding you. Indeed, it feels great to live with gratitude in our hearts. 

Thank you!
- Algene


  1. One of the first words I learned and maybe next to mama...also the one value I have been instilling my children. Thank you, Algene for reminding me:)

  2. At pinanood ko talaga at naiyak sa huli wahhh. I have a friend who is a priest, he always told us that "thank you" always makes the receiver feel so blessed.

  3. This is one of the sweetest campaigns I've seen. Coca-cola always manage to be creative and helpful! :) I hope it never fades. Oh, THANK YOU too for sharing this wonderful post! :) There's really a lot to be thankful for. :)

  4. this is really the sweetest word everyone should start saying. be grateful for all the small things we have.

  5. I saw this video on Facebook a few days ago. It made me teary-eyed. It is a known fact that addressing an acquaintance by their name establishes a bond of friendship. Kudos to the advertising company who created this inspiring commercial for Coke. BTW, I read that you are taking up Law in Ateneo de Davao. My niece is also a Law School student at ADMU. Good luck and wishing you huge success in your studies!

  6. Ngayon ko lang to nabasa ginggang! Awwww thanks pud Algene. I thought our friendship would somehow fade tung nibalhin kag Ateneo back when we were still in UP. But look, we share the same passion in blogging and I'm so proud to have a bigating blogger friend - ikaw na to! Hahaha. Cheers and see you the soonest gang. :)


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